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Men’s Treatments

Men’s Treatments

Men care about their appearance, too, and SkinMD offers some of the most popular and effective aesthetic and wellness treatments for guys!

Men’s Treatments by Skin MD

Guys, are you ready to experience fewer wrinkles & skin imperfections, enhanced sexual performance, a sculpted body, and renewed confidence? Our offices are staffed by physicians, estheticians, and specialists that take the time to truly understand your aesthetic and wellness needs. In addition to offering FREE consultations, each Skin MD treatment for men is done with precision and care to give you the results you deserve. Find your nearest location here in Massachusetts and discover why Skin MD is the premier choice for men’s treatments!

Looking to Revitalize Your Sex Life?

GAINSWave® is the Perfect Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

At Skin MD, we offer an ED treatment that attacks the cause of the problem without pills, needles, or harmful side effects. GAINSWave® uses Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. Using pulsating sound waves, GAINSWave® promotes increased blood flow to the penis by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. The improved blood flow rejuvenates the penis resulting in increased sensitivity and stronger, more natural, spontaneous erections.

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Looking to build muscle and reduce fat?

Try Emsculpt NEO®

EMSCULPT NEO® is the first device to build muscle AND sculpt the body. Through the high-intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure, one can enlarge current muscles and grow new muscle fibers. Emsculpt NEO® is all about duality. Not only does it implode fat cells, but it simultaneously builds muscle fibers for defined abs and rounder backside. This treatment is designed for non-invasive lipolysis (breakdown of fat) in the abdomen and a reduction in the circumference of the abdomen. This device will help tone your abdominal area, strengthen your muscles, and develop greater firmness.

Seeking non-invasive wrinkle reduction?

BOTOX® Cosmetic Reduces Wrinkles With a Slight Injection

Radiating youthful vigor can be a major asset in dating, careers, social media, and other aspects of a man’s life. We offer BOTOX® Cosmetic to help you get the smooth skin you deserve. Wrinkle relaxers feature botulinum toxin A formulas. This compound works by blocking the nerves that cause specific muscles in your face to contract. When these muscles relax, they allow the skin to smooth out, producing a younger appearance. If you struggle with crow’s feet, forehead creases, or frown lines, we have exactly what you need.

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Low on testosterone?

Discover Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fatigue, irritability, low mood – these aren’t just psychological. Your hormones play a major role in how you feel. If you’ve been having a hard time feeling like yourself, BioTe® Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you. Men who pursue bio-identical hormone therapy to treat hormonal imbalance may experience significant benefits, including more energy, increased muscle mass and strength, weight loss, and improved sexual function.

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Looking to Reverse Facial Volume Loss?

Dermal Fillers Restore Volume

Our fillers can provide you with excellent results and effectively reverse facial volume loss. In minutes, you will be on your way to seeing years come off your face! Dermal filler options feature a mixture of lidocaine and natural hyaluronic acid. These compounds work together to restore your facial volume while minimizing any discomfort during the injection process.

Brighten Your Skin With DiamondGlow

Exfoliating and buffing away the skin is the key to maintaining a healthy glowing complexion. DiamondGlow is a treatment that utilizes microdermabrasion, which gently removes the stratum corneum, the dead outer protective layer of the skin. This layer of skin provides a bit of barrier protection from the sun and anything that comes into contact with the skin.

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Try Laser Hair Removal For A Smoother Chest & Back!

Tired of shaving your chest or back hair? Our laser hair removal treatments can give you the smooth, hairless skin you want without hassle. Laser hair removal is a treatment that destroys hair follicles using controlled pulses of light. The pigment in hair follicles absorbs the light projected by the laser system, and the intense heat destroys it. When administered, this heating process causes little discomfort and does not damage the surrounding skin. If you are looking for hair removal of the chest, back, legs, and arms, the men’s treatments at Skin MD have you covered.

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Want to Say Goodbye To That Stubborn Gut?

CoolSculpting® Provides Non-surgical Fat Reduction

Struggling to make it to the gym? Stubborn fat doesn’t have to be your final story. We offer CoolSculpting® to help you give your body the jumpstart it needs. This procedure helps to eliminate stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery and little-to-no downtime. We develop customized men’s treatments tailored to your body, goals, and budget.

Looking to Fight Back Against Jowls?

BodyTite and FaceTite Offers Face & Body Sculpting

BodyTite is a great solution for reducing stubborn fat and tightening loose skin. This treatment is one of the most innovative treatments on the market. Patients receive surgical-like results without the actual surgery! FaceTite will eliminate fat, tighten loose skin, stimulate collagen production, and achieve a more youthful, attractive contour of your facial features.

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Looking to Turn Back the clock on aging skin?

Morpheus8 Provides Anti-aging Skin Remodeling

If you are tired of seeing skin laxity and other signs of aging skin when you look in the mirror, we have the anti-aging solution for you. Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency technology for fractional resurfacing that stimulates collagen production. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, the building blocks will reorganize themselves in a natural anti-aging process. Treatments are safe, effective, and can provide long-lasting results.

Ready to reduce facial lines, wrinkles, and creases?

Diminish Fine lines with Dysport®

If you’re familiar with BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport® can serve as an effective alternative. Dysport®’s diluted formula makes it a great choice for reducing glabellar lines, frown lines, bunny lines, perioral lines, forehead wrinkles, neck bands, and more! These injections take only 10-20 minutes, and results can be seen in just 2-3 days after your session. Best of all, there’s little if any downtime needed afterward!

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SkinMD: Team + Techniques + Technologies + Trust.

The Best Men’s Treatments in Massachusetts

Give your skin and body the care it deserves with our Men’s treatments in Massachusetts. Here at Skin MD, we offer premier skin and body treatments to help you refresh your look and restore your confidence. Get in touch by selecting your nearest location and filling out your information in form below. We can’t wait to see you for your consultation!

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Tired of Unwanted Scars & Pigmentation?

Restore Your Skin With an IPL Photofacial

Are you struggling with an uneven facial tone? In some cases, acne scars or too much sun exposure may be to blame. For some, it may simply come down to aging. Regardless of the cause, our IPL Photofacial treatment can relieve a wide range of skin concerns. IPL Photofacials treat various skin conditions such as age spots, rosacea, sun damage, acne scarring, and more.

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