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Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring

Our team at Skin MD offers several acne scarring treatments to give you the clear skin you want. Schedule in Massachusetts.

Make smooth skin your reality with a simple visit to Skin MD. We’re your premier experts for treating acne scarring. Whether you’ve struggled with acne for years or have just had a sudden breakout, we can help. We offer several treatments that can have you feeling more confident in no time.

The trick to great skin care is expertise. Our Skin MD team is staffed by physicians who employ a range of modalities to give you the best skin of your life. From DiamondGlow® to chemical peels, we can help you explore your options and find the best fit. Get in touch with one of our Massachusetts offices to learn more today.

How Does Acne Scarring Occur?

Acne occurs due to a buildup of bacteria in our pores. Some of us are unfortunate enough to have worse acne than others due to our hormones. While most people tend to struggle with occasional zits, others can experience aggressive flare-ups. Acne scarring forms when our bodies rapidly release collagen to counteract these flare-ups. As a result of this rapid release, our skin becomes thicker and less flexible, giving it that characteristic bumpy texture.

What Are the Signs?

Having a lot of acne scarring can be hard to ignore. Scars can often be accompanied by the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, uneven skin texture, and tender lumps. These concerns are not only hard to look at but can be painful as well. If you’re struggling with acne and acne scarring, our team at Skin MD is happy to help. We welcome you to get in touch and explore our treatment options.

Acne Scarring Treatment Options

We offer several treatments for acne scarring. One of our most popular treatments is the Morpheus8, which can improve skin in only 1-3 sessions. Our chemical peels are also a great choice for non-invasive skin rejuvenation in as little as 30 minutes. A combination treatment of Icon 1540 paired with DiamondGlow facial has seen great success for many of our patients as well. At Skin MD, we focus on customizing a treatment protocol that is dependent on your needs. Explore our treatments below and schedule a free consultation at one of our Massachusetts locations today.

Acne Scarring Treatments in Massachusetts

Find the best acne scarring treatment at Skin MD and restore your confidence today. We offer a wide range of options to help you find exactly what works for your skin. Get in touch by clicking the button below and scheduling a FREE consultation at your nearest Skin MD office.

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