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Double Chin

Double Chin

We offer Kybella® and CoolMini treatments for double chin reduction. Schedule a FREE consultation in Massachusetts today.

Despite our best efforts at exercise, we can sometimes still retain lingering submental fat under our chins. A double chin is especially annoying for those who have lost a lot of weight but are still unsatisfied with their profiles. After 30, our skin laxity increases due to the gradual loss of collagen, potentially making the problem worse. 

If you’re unhappy with your profile and are looking for an effective way to eliminate troublesome fat under your chin, we can help. Here at Skin MD, we provide the Kybella® and CoolMini treatments to improve your look without surgery. We welcome you to schedule a free consultation at one of our Massachusetts locations to learn more.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Submental fat can collect under your chin after weight gain. When we eat more calories than we use as energy, the excess gets stored as fat, and that fat can end up just about anywhere. The amount of fat you have in a specific area depends on your genetics and body structure. Some people may store more fat in their bellies, while others may develop double chins. These pockets of lingering fat can not only be annoying but can cause us to feel self-conscious about ourselves as well.

Why Is it So Hard To Address?

When it comes to double chin treatment, typical programs of diet and exercise are often not enough. Unfortunately, diet and exercise are not that precise when it comes to reducing fat in specific areas. This is especially true for the fat under your chin because there are few, if any exercises made to target that area. For this reason, opting for an aesthetic treatment may be the best option.

Treatments for the Double Chin

Here at Skin MD, we want to do all we can to give you the best care possible. Our Kybella® injections are made to dissolve submental fat and give you the profile you want. Injections take only 15 minutes to perform, and the results are permanent. We also offer the CoolMini, which is a great body sculpting solution for double chin fat as well. This system uses CoolSculpting® technology to freeze fat cells and destroy them for good. Also available is FaceTite, an amazing option for those who want to tighten up the appearance of a double chin. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about these two treatment options.

Double Chin Sculpting Solutions in Massachusetts

If you have submental fat that you’d prefer to live without, our team can help. We offer effective injectable and CoolSculpting® options for improving your profile. If you’re interested, click the button below and schedule a FREE consultation at your nearest Skin MD office.

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