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We use the enlighten® PICO Genesis, CoRe skin resurfacing, IPL or DiamondGlow treatments for rosacea and other skin issues.

Sadly, we still don’t know a whole lot about rosacea. Occurring in mid-life, this condition is characterized by facial redness and the appearance of itchy skin bumps. If left untreated, the problem can get worse over time, causing you to develop inflamed papules and pustules on your cheeks and nose. 

This condition can feel embarrassing and distressing for those struggling with it. If you struggle with this condition, an aesthetic treatment may be the right choice for you. At Skin MD, we offer a variety of devices and services for the treatment of redness and benign pigmented lesions. If you’re interested, schedule a free consultation at one of our Massachusetts offices today.

How Does Rosacea Occur?

Rosacea develops when a person’s immune system is altered. A protein called cathelicidin peptide seems to be the main cause of the issue. When a lot of this specific protein is produced by the body, the skin becomes inflamed and begins to develop enlarged vessels along with irritation. This immune response may be triggered by genetic, environmental, or a combination of both factors. Rosacea is a multi-factored skin condition, and therefore it is difficult to pinpoint its main cause.

What Are the Signs?

The most common signs of rosacea include facial redness, red bumps that sometimes contain pus, and skin irritation. Some people may experience ocular rosacea too. This illness is characterized by inflammation and bumps around the eyes. In either case, the condition may feel very uncomfortable and be difficult to live with.

Treatment Options for Rosacea

At Skin MD, our treatments can serve as a great option for treating rosacea. The use of specialized lasers allows for safer treatment and less potential downtime. Several sessions may be needed for the best results. When you come in for your consultation, we will take the time to work with you and determine the best regimen.

Rosacea Treatments in Massachusetts

Our laser treatments are a great choice for improving skin issues. If you struggle with redness, irritation, or other similar problems, we can help. Find your nearest Skin MD office to learn more today. Get started by clicking the button below and scheduling a FREE consultation.

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