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Body Fat

Body Fat

We offer several body fat reduction options like CoolSculpting® body contouring. Schedule a FREE consultation in Massachusetts.

Having a low body fat percentage seems to be everyone’s fitness obsession lately. People go to great lengths to reach that ideal number. However, risking your health for beauty is something we never recommend. At Skin MD, we offer safe solutions for helping you reduce fat and reach your beauty goals.

We don’t provide fad diets or complex surgical procedures. Instead, we offer guidance and treatments that help contour your frame. CoolSculpting® is one of our popular options that can act to support your exercise efforts and help improve your physique. Schedule a free consultation at a Massachusetts office near you to explore our full range of options.

How Does Body Fat Develop?

Calories are expended through physical activity, but when we take in more than what our exercise needs, the excess is stored as fat. Your metabolism plays a major role in how much fat is stored in your body. The faster the metabolism, the less fat is stored. However, metabolism tends to slow down with age, so regular exercise is always important for staying in shape.

What Are the Signs?

Having a high body fat percentage doesn’t necessarily translate to stubborn fat. However, if you don’t exercise and have a high percentage, you are likely to have stubborn fat areas. These include excess fat around the belly, arms, back, and thighs. Exercise, diet, and certain treatments like CoolSculpting® can help reduce stubborn fat in these areas.

Addressing Excess Body Fat

At Skin MD, we provide several options for those struggling with excess fat. While our aesthetic solutions can’t help you lose weight, they can contour your body, reduce cellulite, and improve your overall look. Our options include 

Get in touch and schedule a consultation to find the best option for you today.

Treatments for Reducing Body Fat in Massachusetts

Excess body fat is something we can all live without. Improve your shape and reach your beauty goals here at Skin MD. We offer several options for body contouring and fat reduction. Get in touch by clicking the button below and scheduling a FREE consultation at your nearest Skin MD office.

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