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Saggy Skin

Saggy Skin

We offer injectables, Morpheus8, Ultherapy and FaceTite for saggy skin and similar issues.

After a certain age, saggy skin, wrinkles, and other aging signs become all too common. In the past, the only means of addressing these issues was surgical. However, many aesthetic treatments that can improve the look of your skin non-invasively and without downtime have since come out.

If you’re struggling with skin laxity, our team at Skin MD can help. We offer several treatment options, including injectables, Morpheus8, and FaceTite, to help address your skin concerns. Schedule a free consultation at a Skin MD office near you to learn more.

What Causes Saggy Skin?

Saggy skin develops as our bodies gradually produce less collagen. The decline in collagen happens over the course of one’s life but becomes much more rapid after age 30. Other causes of skin laxity include losing a lot of weight quickly and exposing your skin to sunlight without protection. Similarly, environmental irritants and genetic factors also play a role in how quickly we age.

When Is Skin Tightening Needed?

The most revealing signs of saggy skin are wrinkles on the face, forehead, around the mouth, and near the nose. In addition to this, you may experience sagging under your chin or on other parts of your body. If you’ve noticed these signs, skin tightening may be a great option for you. Having sagging skin isn’t a medical issue, but opting for treatment may be a great choice if it’s had a negative impact on your self-esteem.

Options for Tightening Saggy Skin

At Skin MD, we offer injectables, dermal fillers, Ultherapy and radiofrequency technology like Morpheus8 or FaceTite. Our fillers can be a great choice for reducing facial volume loss and enhancing skin plumpness. Similarly, if you have wrinkles due to sagging skin, a dermal fillers may be a good option. Along with these treatments, we also provide the amazing FaceTite non-surgical facelift. FaceTite, like Morpheus8, uses RF energy to tighten, contour, and rejuvenate your skin.

Saggy Skin Tightening Solutions in Massachusetts

Get the skin you’ve been dreaming of here at Skin MD. We offer a range of options for improving the tightness of your skin and getting the look you want. To get started, click the button below and schedule a FREE consultation at your nearest Skin MD office.

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