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Age Spots

Age Spots

We offer lasers, IPL, and chemical peel treatments for age spots. Schedule at one of our Massachusetts locations today.

Ageless skin is something we all dream of. Our team at Skin MD is ready to make that dream a reality. If you struggle with age spots, we have several solutions to improve your skin. Our treatment options are non-surgical and made to give you the results you want quickly. Best of all, these treatments require little, if any, downtime.

Our treatments range from laser options like the enlighten® PICO Genesis to chemical peels. Whether you have brown spots, sun spots, or unexplained hyperpigmentation, we can help. Find your nearest Massachusetts location and schedule a visit to Skin MD today!

How Do Age Spots Occur?

Melanin clumping and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure are the main causes of age spots. Though we know the cause of these issues, predicting when or where they will show up is tough, if not impossible. Some spots can take a long time to show, while others can appear seemingly overnight. Their unpredictable nature means we can’t control their onset. However, with a bit of help from our team, you can get rid of these spots after they’ve appeared.

What Are the Signs?

Color and shape are what define and distinguish hyperpigmentation. In most cases, age spots tend to be flat, oval in shape, and usually darker than your skin tone. They generally appear on areas of your body that have had the most sun exposure. These areas include the backs of your hands, the tops of your feet, your face, and your shoulders. They can range in size, from small freckle dots to being about half an inch in diameter. Age spots often group together, making them more noticeable.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

Getting rid of certain age spots can take more than an over-the-counter cream. In some cases, specialized treatment may be needed. At Skin MD, we offer several options for your skin. Our options include lasers, IPL, and chemical peels. When you arrive for your free consultation, we will take the time to discuss each treatment and find the one best suited to your needs.

Age Spot Treatments in Massachusetts

Get rid of age spots and regain your natural beauty today. If you’re ready, our expert team is happy to meet with you and find the best option to fit your goals. Get in touch by clicking the button below and scheduling a FREE consultation at your nearest Skin MD office.

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