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5 Mother’s Day Ideas For Every Mom

5 Mother’s Day Ideas For Every Mom

Mother’s Day is in a couple of weeks — and if this is news to you,

Mother’s Day is in a couple of weeks — and if this is news to you, it’s also your sign to get your s*** together and purchase a card, flowers, and a gift (yes, all three!) for the mamas in your life. Need some help? Here are some mother’s day ideas just for you!

If you’ve procrastinated too much for an online order to arrive on time, or you’re branching out of your comfort zone, congratulations, you’ve made it to the right place! Keep scrolling for the best ways to spoil and surprise every type of mom out there with some perfect mother’s day ideas. 

Dysport: For the Mom who needs more than a day of rest and relaxation

Be honest with yourself: was it you who caused her more than a few of those premature wrinkles? Whether you’re a child or a spouse, we promise the answer is yes. Apologize with a solution, not with words. 

One day of relaxing won’t move the needle, but a literal needle might — Dysport is a neuromodulator, similar to Botox, that works by relaxing the injected area,  limiting the movement of the facial muscles treated. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin that irons out wrinkles quickly. With no downtime and long-lasting results, you’ll earn your keep for a few more months.

For an extra special treat, gift her (or yourself) three syringes of dermal filler and get 20 of those Dysport units FREE through May 31, 2023!

EMSCULPT: For the Mom who doesn’t have time to keep up at the gym 

It’s hard to do it all, and when it comes to taking care of their own body, many mothers don’t have the time or inclination to dedicate hours per day to fitness. Still, just because they’re embracing motherhood in all its grueling glory doesn’t mean they want to feel matronly.

EMSCULPT is the perfect win-win for the mom who is somehow kicking ass and multitasking like a mother. Designed for maximum efficiency, EmSculpt relies on highly-focused electromagnetic energy to the treatment area, forcing the muscles to contract at max capacity. Essentially, it’s like doing 1,000 squats or sit-ups in a short period of time without having to physically do the exercise. Yep, it’s a cheat code and Mom deserves it. (Pro tip: Just make sure she wants to work on her fitness before assuming she does.)

During the month of may we’re offering a few specials to help you pull the trigger: Buy an EMSCULPT package and get 1 EMSCULPT treatment for FREE (whether that’s for you or for her, is up to your discretion).  Additionally, when you purchase any EMSCULPT package, you’ll get 1 FREE Morpheus Abdomen Treatment or two FREE Venus Treatments now through May 31, 2023!! –  consider it a non-invasive mommy makeover without the lengthy recovery and big budget price tag.

DiamondGlow Facial: For the new Mom who really needs a minute for herself (and a nap)

Having a newborn is scary. Leaving that newborn for the first time is even scarier. Give the new mom in your life a reprieve she can stomach with a 30-minute DiamondGlow facial that will allow her baby step (pun intended) her way back into the world, all while rejuvenating, refreshing, and hopefully napping. 

DiamondGlow exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skin with nourishing ingredients to reveal radiant skin that lasts long after the facial itself. Trust us, she’ll be grateful for the mini-pampering session that delivers big.

CO2RE® Laser Resurfacing: For the Mom who loves sunbathing

In addition to an SPF and a stylish floppy hat, get the Mom who loves a tan a treatment that will address any sun spots or photodamage she’s acquired over the years. While it’s an intense treatment that will require downtime, it’s also one of our most effective. One treatment is like having multiple non-invasive treatments at once, addressing advanced skin damage and wrinkling. 

(Pro Tip: Offer to take care of her during the downtime and you’ve made up for a lifetime of waiting in carpool lines.)

Gift Cards: For the mom who loves being in control 

Not everyone is easy to please and we love a woman who knows what she wants, even if she won’t tell you ahead of time. When in doubt, a gift card is the best way to please any Mom. She gets a spa day, and you get the credit for it. Bonus for you? When you buy Mom a gift card ($100 value or more) you’ll receive a FREE DiamondGlow for yourself and we promise not to tell her – valid today through May 31, 2023! 

(Pro tip: Book a treatment with her for shared bonding time. It’ll be more meaningful than any pre-written Hallmark card.)

Give us a call or request an appointment online and make your Mom proud this year: (844) 754-6631. 

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