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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

We offer breast augmentation services to women who wish to increase their breast size. Schedule a complimentary consultation in Massachusetts.

Breast Augmentation by Skin MD

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an enlargement procedure that can also balance your breast size and compensate for uneven breasts. If you’ve experienced a decrease in breast tissue due to weight loss, aging or childbirth this procedure may be right for you. Most importantly, this procedure can help improve your confidence and get you back in control of your body.

What Are the Benefits of This Procedure?

This procedure can be a great option for women who have lost breast size or those who have small breasts naturally. The most obvious benefit of this procedure is that it can improve your confidence in a dramatic way. The procedure itself allows for a lot of flexibility too. You can choose your breast size and even have your implants removed at a later date should you change your mind.

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How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

General anesthesia is used for this procedure in most cases. As for the process itself, there are several implant types and ways to perform the surgery. The procedure will begin with an incision, the type of incision made will depend on your specific needs.

An incision can be made:

  • Along the areolar edge (periareolar incision)./li>
  • In the fold under the breast (inframammary fold).

After the incision, the implant will be placed either under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle. Placement will depend on the type of implant chosen as well as the desired breast shape/size. Your surgeon will go over the choices with you so you understand and are part of the decision-making process.

What Can I Expect?

After the procedure, the incision lines will fade over time but may leave a scar in some cases. After the surgery, you will remain in recovery until you’re ready to go home. A support garment will be placed to help the area heal. Along with this, we will provide post-care instructions that you must adhere to in order to ensure the best results. It may take a few weeks of healing to see the outcome of your surgery. One of our Nurses and oftentimes Dr. Ko himself will call you the next day to see how your recovery is going and to answer any questions you may have.

Breast Augmentation Surgeries in Massachusetts

If you’re concerned about your breast size or appearance we can help. At Skin MD we are dedicated to optimal outcomes of beautiful, natural-looking results. If you have questions, click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Albert Ko, at your nearest Skin MD locations.

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