Skin MD—Giving Your Skin Rejuvenation Ambition a Reality through ‘Profound Treatment’


June 15, 2018

Skin rejuvenation is now a reality with the ‘Profound Treatment.’ It is helpful for those who have sagging skin!

Humans naturally want to try out different herbal, laser and cosmetic treatments to look young and beautiful. This is more common among women, but men today are not that far behind. The extensive research and development in modern medicine has made available a wide variety of skin-rehab treatments. Ranging from injectable potions, to laser therapies and to cosmetic surgeries that help people get rid of their skin imperfections. These all lead to a boost in morale and self-confidence. Also, it results in wrinkle reduction and skin tightening that makes their dream to look young and healthy come true.

Although there may be plenty of skin transformation programs on hand in the market today, their bold claims are not always true as they market themselves. Gone are those days when people had limited skin reconstruction options in Boston MA. With the great quantity of effective skin restoration treatments, people are embracing skin face-lift programs with all their heart. One of those effective programs is the ‘Profound treatment’, which offers guaranteed results with the most customer value and satisfaction.

What is the Profound treatment?

It is the latest skin rejuvenation device created by one of the leading global aesthetic manufacturers, Syneron Candela. Without a doubt, “the Profound radio frequency micro-needling system has been clinically proven to recreate the skin’s building blocks – elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.” In other words, it is a minimally invasive bipolar RF treatment. Utilizing energy needling that is put on the skin, heat is released controlled environment (precise temperature and depth). This helps with sagging skin—cheeks, jawlines, necks, wrinkles, cellulite and other similar drooping areas of the body.

What to Expect From Profound Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

If you expect to a see a huge improvement in skin looseness, wrinkle reduction and skin sagging, then you need to try the ‘Profound Treatment.’ It is a powerful tool with bipolar RF system that treats drooping areas of your body such as the jawline, cellulite, and wrinkles. This means that it is a widespread treatment for Dermal and SubQ layers of the skin. Also, it gives great results with a 100% response rate. Moreover, it produces highly predictable results under a controlled environment. Treatments are normally 50 to 90 minutes, a couple of months later, you will be witnessing dramatic results with ‘The Profound.’



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