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Sure, a bad hair day is bound to happen every once in a while, but a bad body day? Well, let’s just say that for many of us, these seem to be occurring with more and more frequency. Whether it’s attributable to our natural aging process, or the size and shape our parents gifted us with at birth. Maybe it’s time to consider CoolSculpting?

A common misconception is that we get mushy, jiggly, or saggy in various areas because our fat cells are multiplying in these trouble spots. In reality, the number of fat cells in our body is essentially fixed by the age of four. However, while the amount of fat cells stays constant throughout adulthood, it is the expansion of these cells that makes us want to throw on a baggy pullover and leggings no matter the weather.

As our bodies change before our eyes, it also becomes increasingly challenging to stop comparing ourselves to what others around us seem to have “going on.” We wonder why we don’t look the same way in jeans, tank tops, and the now forsaken bikini bathing suit. After all, we feel like we are working twice as hard as everyone else to exercise, eat well, and watch our weight. Whether you’re scrutinizing people at the gym, at work, in a magazine, or at your mommy-and-me playgroup, you are spending time and energy focusing on other’s figures. Have you considered, though, that these people, and their bodies that you envy, may be one small step ahead of you in figuring out the way to look good from every angle, in any clothing?

The Medical Staff at SkinMD is here to let you in on what millions of people, including celebrities, already know; there is a “cool” new way to remove problem fat for good from:

  • Your Stomach
  • Your Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Behind Your Arm
  • Above Your Hips
  • Around Your Glutes
  • Under Your Bra Line
  • Banana roll under the Butt
  • And many other areas that you consider your “trouble zones”

It’s called CoolSculpting, and it is quickly becoming SkinMD’s most sought-after treatment. As the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction procedure, CoolSculpting is the perfect body contouring solution for that pesky double chin, annoying turtle neck, and aggravating muffin top.


With CoolSculpting, you are going to look and feel the very best you ever have.No needles are used, and you won't lose any downtime from your daily routine. CoolSculpting technology is a non-invasive, comfortable, and pain-free solution for men and women to target fat cells underneath the skin. The way it works is amazingly simple; in fact, we can describe it in just three steps:

  • CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to gently and effectively target and kill only fat cells, without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue

Processing Fat Cells

  • After the treatment, your body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the dead fat cells in the areas that were targeted
  • Within three months, you will see and feel the lasting results – a 25% reduction in fat cells in the treatment area

We know this sounds like a too-good-to-be-true process for something so astonishingly beneficial, but it truly is this effortless to freeze away your unwanted fat cells.

You probably have many more questions on CoolSculpting and whether this fat freezing treatment will work for you. That’s why we’ve put everything we think you may ever want to know about CoolSculpting in the FAQ section below. However, the best way to find out if CoolSculpting is right for you is to book a complimentary consultation. A SkinMD patient coordinator will walk you through the following steps:

  • Discuss your health and concerns
  • Review the treatments you’ve had in the past
  • Assess you from head to toe
  • Explain in detail the specific solutions that could be right for you

SkinMD is a leading provider patients choose for Boston MA Coolsculpting. Not only to look, feel, and be their best, but also to provide them with superior treatments. Dr. Flashner and our team of highly experienced Registered Nurses and Aestheticians will do everything in their power to help you achieve your optimal results.

This includes offering our patients cutting edge alternatives – like our exclusive Fire and Ice treatment – that will bring about dramatic fat loss and body transformation. It also means that we provide our patients with affordable payment options and interest-free financing through CareCredit for those eligible. Finally, our commitment to 100% patient satisfaction means we set realistic goals so that you get what you expect. As you can see, we take your happiness very seriously.



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