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Your Face Can Have Flattering Curves Too!

With the CoolMini Treatment, you can get rid of fat under your chin for a picture perfect jawline.


“Wow,” you say as you look at your face from all different angles in the mirror. “What is that bulge underneath my chin?!”

If you are like most of us, that bulge, sadly, is extra fat forming under your chin. And it’s making you look terrible in photos, because you look heavier and older than you really are, and, perhaps most troubling, making you look just like dear old mom or dad!

Now you’re thinking, this doesn’t make any sense because you’re not a big person and you’re still young? Well, these little fat pockets under our chins don’t care how old you are. They strike whether you are heavy or thin, in your late 50s or early 20s, or an exercise-aholic or a dedicated couch potato. Often, an annoying double chin is a result of a genetic (inherited) tendency - thanks again mom and dad – and eating sensibly and staying slim is not, unfortunately, going to have the fat reducing impact you desire when it comes to this area of your face.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

coolmini chinYou’re actually very lucky, because, today, there are more options than ever for blasting away that chin fat. However, some are much more invasive, much more expensive, and require much more downtime than others.

  • A surgical neck lift could be right for you if you have an inordinate amount of loose skin in addition to a double chin. However, as with any surgery, this is not an option to consider lightly. The procedure often lasts several hours and there is a high likelihood that it will leave you swollen and bruised. You can also expect to have at least two weeks of recovery time, and bruising can last a few weeks while swelling can be apparent for a few months. In addition, you can have scarring underneath your chin and almost completely around both ears. Finally, the price tag – it can cost upwards of $10,000 for this procedure!
  • Micro liposuction is less invasive than neck lift surgery; however, the procedure still requires an incision that is about a couple of millimeters wide under your chin. Then, a very small tube is placed in the chin, and fat is sucked out with a vacuum. Fun! While it is only about a 30-minute operation that leaves minimal bruising, you will most likely have to feel comfortable with a tiny permanent scar underneath your chin as well as the roughly $4000 price tag.

At SkinMD, we provide patients with an excellent injectable option for reducing their double chin, called Kybella. For several years, this has been the best choice for our patients with mild to moderate fat under the chin. The 20-minute treatment is nonsurgical; however, it does involve dozens of small injections, which can cause some patients mild burning or a stinging sensation. In addition, after an injection, patients can often feel sore and swollen for a few days and experience bruising, redness, and numbness in the treated area for up to three weeks while the fat melts away. Plus, while you will see noticeable results a few weeks after your first injection, you will need multiple injections to get the smooth chin look you desire.

We understand if you’re thinking that none of these options are optimal for you. But don’t start dumping your dollars into a bunch of ineffective, over-the-counter skin tightening creams just yet!

SkinMD would like to introduce you to a new, breakthrough procedure that eliminates the need to have surgery, an incision, or an injection! It’s called CoolMini.

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What Is CoolMini And How Does It Work?

The CoolMini comes from our friends at CoolSculpting, the #1 non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. CoolSculpting gets rid of fat by freezing it away in the most common “trouble zones” like stomachs, thighs, glutes, bra line, and above the hips. However, did you know that CoolSculpting is now FDA-approved to treat smaller areas of the body, like the pesky flab under our chins, with an innovative applicator called CoolMini.

The CoolMini procedure uses the same science as CoolSculpting, creating ice crystals in your fat cells, which ultimate destroys them. The treatment takes about an hour and can freeze a quarter of the fat from under your chin. The best candidates for this treatment are women with looser, more mature skin, because the affected area needs to be gently pulled up into the hand piece while it's being chilled. However, the CoolMini could be right for you no matter your age and skin tightness. The procedure can feel slightly uncomfortable as the fat is frozen, but this is relieved by massaging the area, which your SkinMD practitioner will do post-treatment.

Is there downtime, you ask? Absolutely none. Plus, you can expect to see your chin look tighter and for fat to dissipate gradually, and naturally, over several months. Best of all, most of our patients only need one treatment to get these beautifying results, which saves you significant amounts of time and money.

Are You Excited About Getting Rid Of Your Double Chin Without Surgery, an Incision, or Injection?

Then, the first thing you will want to do is schedule a one-on-one consultation with a member of SkinMD’s medical staff. During this complimentary session, your personal patient coordinator will:

  • Address your overall health and concerns
  • Review treatments you’ve had in the past
  • Assess your skin from head to toe
  • Recommend specific solutions that could be right for you

If it is determined that CoolMini is the optimal treatment for you, then all we will need to do is book your procedure; no special preparations or skincare regimens are required in advance of your treatment.

Patients choose SkinMD to look, feel and be their best, but also because we provide them with the most superior treatments in non-invasive aesthetic medicine today. Dr. Flashner and the SkinMD team will do everything in our power to help you achieve your optimal results. This includes offering our patients the latest, most innovative technology for reducing your double chin, the CoolMini.

We are also 100% committed to your satisfaction which means that we provide patients like you with affordable payment options and interest-free financing through CareCredit for those eligible. Finally, we will always set realistic goals so that you get what you expect from your services. We take your happiness very seriously and we look forward to becoming your aesthetic and skin care partner on this lifelong journey to looking, feeling, and being your best.



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