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Improve the Contours of Your Chin with Kybella


January 10, 2017

Even the smallest alteration to the shape and contours of your chin can be easily noticeable, especially in profile. Excess fat that builds up under the chin can give it a bulbous and unappealing appearance, diminishing the appeal of your face.

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable drug that is designed to improve the appearance of the chin by reducing the amount of fat located in the area. Kybella permanently destroys the fat in your chin to provide you with noticeably improved contours and a smoother and more appealing shape.

Skin MD Laser & Cosmetic Group is committed to providing our patients with effective treatments and high-quality care. Skin care expert Dr. Paul Flashner has been properly trained to administer Kybella and has used it to deliver outstanding results. Contact us to schedule a consultation.



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