Fat Loss with No Surgery? CUT IT OUT!

If you can’t nod your head or associate with ANY of the following issues, you’re possibly part of the one percent of the population that belongs walking on the Victoria’s Secret runway, is dating someone who does, or a world-class athlete. Either way, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. The rest of us can’t help it—we despise you! Continue on if…

  • You possess love handles that NO ONE can truly love; (who coined that phrase anyhow)?
  • Your arms continue waddling in applause long after the audience quiets down.
  • You can lift your head up, but your chin stays put. Like right on your chest.
  • You have cottage cheese bumps on any area of you (otherwise known as cellulite).

Any of this sounding familiar? And awful?

I’m here to tell you there is definitely something you can do about it. Now don’t get crazy. No one can magically gift you Gisselle Bündchen’s body. But you CAN take away those pockets of unsightly, unattractive fat, and smooth out your body’s shape, your skin, and even get rid of that detestable double chin. Without surgery. Intense diet and exercise aren’t helping no matter how hard you try? The new FDA-approved methods available today gives everyone access to the treatments that eliminate the facial and figure flaws that are caused by excess fat. There are different approaches to the types of skin and areas being addressed, but there IS a fix for every issue. And a more confident, svelte you, just waiting to be released!


Incredible modern use of technology makes it possible to utilize a cooling trajectory that targets only fat cells. In simple English, only the nasty fat cells are zapped, and you continue to look better and better as your body flushes them out of your system. No downtime, no side effects! No surgery! Your jeans just get looser and looser as you experience the loss of your muffin top!


Same technique as Coolsculpting in the freezing off fat cells, but downsized for smaller surface areas. Double chin or turkey neck making you camera shy? Say Freeze!

Venus Legacy

Body contouring on a whole new level, Venus Legacy uses the VaripulseTM laser to stimulate blood circulation deep within the layers beneath the skin. This method creates circulation that erases everything from deep creases to cellulite, as the area gets smoother and tighter, inches at a time.

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