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Botox or Dysport?

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November 1, 2016

Most people have heard of Botox. It is the most recognizable injectable and has been used by countless people to remove unwanted wrinkles. Though Dysport is less of a household name, the results it offers are comparable to Botox. There are a few small differences between the two injectables.

Botox can take between four to seven days to take effect, while Dysport averages around two to five days. Dysport spreads over a wider area, which can benefit some areas and be disadvantageous in others. Due to Dysport’s smaller molecule size, it has a different unit measurement.

The differences between the two are still under debate, but most agree that the results from either will be just as effective. Contact us to schedule an appointment, where Dr. Paul Flashner and his highly experienced team will help you decide on the right injectable for you.



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