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Why BioTE is Right For You

Why BioTE is Right For You

There are so many different hormone replacement therapies available today. But do they all actually work?

There are so many different hormone replacement therapies available today. But do they all actually work? And are they safe for your body? Skin MD is here to tell you: yes! BioTE Bioidentical Hormone therapy is both safe and quick and proven to work. Using a small pellet, we place hormones in the body that are identical to your own and will circulate evenly through time. This guide will talk about BioTE Bioidentical Hormone therapy and why it is the right choice for you.

BioTE pellets are roughly the same size as a grain of rice; they are inserted just under the skin to allow for a concise and steady stream of hormones to the body. Placing the implant takes mere minutes and will cause no pain. A local anesthetic is available; however, most patients say it just feels like a vaccination at the doctor. These hormones are bioidentical, so they are developed using the same chemical structure as your hormones. This will allow your body to accept the new hormones easily and without issues. 

Here are our top reasons to choose BioTe for your Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hormone Imbalances

Both men and women can be affected by hormone imbalances. The most common symptoms of a hormone imbalance are depression, memory issues, and thinning hair. Men commonly will experience erectile dysfunction if they have low levels of testosterone. Women, on the other hand, may experience night sweats, vaginal dryness, and an increased risk of urinary incontinence. To control these imbalances, hormone therapy is advised, as it will help to bring your hormone levels back to where they once were. 

A Natural Choice

BioTE pellets consist of bioidentical hormones. These hormones are identical to the structure and chemical makeup of your hormones. Unlike other options like rings, gels, and others, BioTE pellets contain no artificial fillers. The pellets consist of a steroid-based ring from the soy or yam plant and stearic acid as a binding agent. Unlike synthetic hormones, those released by your BioTE pellet will be easily absorbed by the body as they are bioidentical to your own. 

Easy To Maintain

Unlike the many other hormone replacement therapies on the market, you will never have to worry about your BioTE pellet. You don’t have to take any pills or supplements like almost every other hormone replacement therapy requires. The only thing that you have to remember is to have your pellet replaced every few months. Your Skin MD practitioner will determine how often your pellet has to be replaced based on your symptoms, unique needs, and medical history. 

You Don’t Want Side Effects

Hormone replacement therapy can come with many unwanted side effects, such as bloating, cramps, indigestion, and many more. BioTE reduces the possibility of side effects because it contains bioidentical hormones. Also, because it releases hormones slowly and over time, the possibility of high and low levels is diminished, unlike with pills. This is also the same way your body naturally releases hormones. Finally, as the hormones are delivered directly to your bloodstream, they can easily take care of many different symptoms at the same time. 

Other Hormone Therapies Aren’t for You 

Most hormone therapies use synthetic hormones that are not identical to your own, thus causing unwanted side effects and the possibility that your body will not absorb them. Because BioTE uses bioidentical hormones, the potential side effects are almost nonexistent, and your symptoms of hormone deficiencies are fixed faster than with other options. 

BioTe is an excellent option for hormone replacement therapy, with little to no side effects. Utilizing the same chemical structure as your own hormones allows BioTE pellets to absorb into your body easily. To see why BioTE at Skin MD in Boston is the right choice for your hormone therapy needs and all aesthetic treatments, schedule your free consultation today. 

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