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The Many Faces of FaceTite: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Try It

The Many Faces of FaceTite: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Try It

The ability to age is a blessing, but that doesn’t mean you have to love everything that comes with getting older –

The ability to age is a blessing, but that doesn’t mean you have to love everything that comes with getting older – enter FaceTite!  In addition to getting (hopefully) wiser, you also face the reality of gravity; sagging skin, fat deposits, and loss of definition in the jawline and neck are all signs of a life well-lived. Still, not everyone wants to advertise their mature experience.

This life-changing procedure combines a form of liposuction with radiofrequency (also known as radiofrequency-assisted liposuction, or RFAL),  to contour the face and tighten the face for a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.  Here’s why it’s currently one of our fave procedures at the practice: 

Commitment phobic? We get it. FaceTite is like a facelift without the recovery 

One of the primary advantages of FaceTite is that it’s minimally invasive. Unless you’re the Princess of Wales and can disappear for months at a time (don’t get us started on those Kate Middleton facelift rumors…or do), the lengthy recovery time from a facelift isn’t feasible for us laymen. FaceTite typically involves only local anesthesia, making it a less daunting option for those wary of general anesthesia and extensive surgery. The procedure requires only a few incisions, radiofrequency waves, and liposuction in a small device. 

Most patients experience swelling and bruising, but it typically subsides within a week, compared to the weeks or months of recovery associated with traditional facelifts. Return to your regularly scheduled programming without starting an internet conspiracy about your whereabouts. 

Looking for a one-stop shop? FaceTite is that girl

A FaceTite treatment gives the skin noticeable tightening and contouring. How? Science! The radiofrequency energy heats the deeper layers of the skin, encouraging collagen remodeling and tissue contraction. This results in new skin cells that lead to a firmer appearance. 

Patients often see significant improvements in the jowls, neck, and jawline, which are notoriously difficult to treat with non-invasive methods alone. The dual benefit of fat reduction and skin tightening makes FaceTite a Jill of all trades, and we’re so thankful she’s ours. 

And they all lived happily ever after…

While the immediate effects of FaceTite can be seen within weeks, the full results continue to develop over several months as collagen production ramps up. The results are not only impressive but also long-lasting. The results last literal years, making it the best relationship some of us have ever had. (Results are particularly long-lasting when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine.) Not only does this make it a cost-effective investment compared to temporary solutions that require frequent touch-ups, but it also means more time living your best life without second-guessing. 

Change your outside, change the inside

We totally get it and agree that beauty and confidence come from within, but feeling yourself on the outside can have a major impact. From personal relationships to professional interactions feeling like the best version of yourself, refreshed and ready, can enhance your quality of life.

Don’t let FaceTite be the one that got away — commit to yourself and see the difference. Book your consultation today: (844) 754-6631 (SKINMD1).

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