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Brazilian Butt Lifts vs. The EMSCULPT Alternative

Brazilian Butt Lifts vs. The EMSCULPT Alternative

Maybe it all began with Marilyn and her unforgettable curves. Though, perhaps it was J-Lo and the media’s obsession with her backside.

Maybe it all began with Marilyn and her unforgettable curves. Though, perhaps it was J-Lo and the media’s obsession with her backside. Whatever it was, pop culture has dictated, and the public has responded. A curvy, perky butt seems to have become synonymous with feminine beauty in recent years. Eager women of all ages are buying in. And, they’re trying anything in their quest to get the shape they crave, but at what cost? Let’s find out what Emsculpt is and how it is a nonsurgical alternative to a Brazilian butt lift.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, has a somewhat misleading name. This popular “surgery of the stars” is not a lift in the surgical sense at all. During a BBL, a patient’s own body fat, usually taken from the stomach or thighs, is injected into the area. Creating the perfect shapeliness the client desires by removing unsightly fat from a different area makes it seem like a double win.

The many risks involved with BBLs has the media recently calling out its dangers. Especially from those uncertified to perform it, as the side effects of a lift gone wrong are more than considerable. Permanent scarring, misshapen backsides, and even deaths are surely not risks to scoff at. But, even in the case of board-certified surgeons, a BBL is chocked full of complications. Mostly, the problems arise due to the precision it takes to get the fat at exactly the right depth. Too deep into the muscle and a major blood vessel can be nicked or pierced. The dislodged fat then travels to the lungs, resulting in a blood clot, otherwise known as a pulmonary embolism. It’s a nightmare that seems to be repeating itself. As more and more patients line up for this surgery, many never return home.

Other factors, like increased time under anesthesia, infections that can form at the injection site, and fat necrosis, are additional aftercare dangers. Fat necrosis is when the injected fat cells die, creating unsightly lumps that can lead to further infection. Yes, it’s quite scary to think about how many unlicensed individuals are performing BBLs. It’s already a difficult procedure in the hands of a seasoned professional.

What Are The Most Effective BBL Alternatives?

Ok! I won’t say “Diet and Exercise!” For most of us, no matter how many squats we repeat or how much apple cider vinegar we may force ourselves to drink, our efforts can still fall, well—flat! There are trailblazing techniques available that can get you there. As with any medical service, choosing the right specialist and center creates the best outcomes. Not every client is a candidate for every treatment, and the honest professional will not hesitate to let you know. Emsculpt has risen in popularity over the last few years as an alternative option to surgery. Although it is designed to tighten dreaded stomach fat, its ease and control make it a go-to treatment for other areas as well. It performs fat reduction and controlled body sculpting, without the risks associated with butt lifts.


Simply put, Emsculpt is an FDA approved muscle stimulator that tones an area of the body. At an appointment, HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy paddles lie directly on the target position. After a half hour session, the muscles have been forced into an intense workout (about 20,000 contractions!). Though they may feel a little sore, many happy clients say they barely notice, especially when they see their exceptional results. A little charley horse seems a small price to pay. Because the pinpoint energy device targets a direct area, control is in the hands of the practitioner.

What Do Results Look Like?

As the muscles adjust to the mother of all workouts that they’ve just been through, they remodel naturally over time. Instantly, changes appear. But, the reshaping magic evolves up to four weeks following a session. Some amazed clients who signed up for Emsculpt in Boston have agreed to share their results with us here today.

As Boston carries the title of “workout capital of America,” these specific cases are especially shape-obsessed. Check out their dramatic results in these EMSCULPT before and after shots. A typical treatment regime is four sessions that take place a few days apart. And, because they don’t last longer than half an hour, sessions are easy to fit into a busy calendar.

What Is The Cost Of Emsculpt vs. Butt Lift Surgery?

The bill, on average, for a plastic surgeon’s butt lift will run anywhere between $8,000-$10,000. The price varies according to physician experience, facility costs, and other doctor’s fees (like an anesthesiologist.) In sharp contrast, pricing for an Emsculpt treatment runs about $750 per treatment. Providers suggest four treatments on average. So, total costs for a bountiful booty courtesy of HIFEM will be nearly half of surgery charges! Factor in lost wages due to downtime, pain medications and follow up appointments, and the paddles win hands down.

Your Booty Calls

If you’re looking for a more defined derrière, know your options. You can get the look you want without risking your overall health or worse. Keeping up with those Kardashians is possible if you do a little research and know what to expect!

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