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The Best Father’s Day Gifts at Skin MD 

The Best Father’s Day Gifts at Skin MD 

Find the best father's day gifts here at Skin MD – from BOTOX® Cosmetic to laser hair removal.

Father’s Day is only a few weeks away and while most companies are advertising for a day filled with golf and beer, we recognize that the men in your life are more than one-note media punchlines. Give him something he actually wants this year: 

For the Tired Dad: BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dermal Filler

Let’s be honest, you’re likely the reason for some of those wrinkles — help him reclaim his youth without impulsively purchasing a sports car. BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers aren’t just for the Kardashians. BOTOX® Cosmetic (or Brotox, if he’s hesitant) temporarily relaxes the injected muscle, leaving smooth, wrinkle-free skin in its wake for up to three months. Dermal fillers, as the name implies, fill in lost volume in areas like under the eyes and the nasolabial folds creating a fuller, more youthful appearance. Once injected they last up to a year so dad won’t have any upkeep till next Father’s Day.  


Whether he’s training for an Ironman or simply wants to close all his Apple Watch rings, gift him the boost he didn’t know he needed. EMSCULPT® and EMSCULPT NEO® are non-surgical, non-invasive ways to boost muscle mass. By causing the muscles to contract quickly in ways he can’t hit on his own. The result is improved muscle tone and bragging rights to all his friends when he crushes his fitness goals. 

For the Wolverine Dad: Laser Hair Removal

Remember the wax scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin? I bet dad does. Skip the pain of waxing and set him up with laser hair removal for a permanent fix to his unruly hair growth. Laser hair removal works by using light energy to heat up and damage the hair follicle, making future growth near impossible. Say goodbye to sasquatch and hello to dad and father’s day. 

For the Dad Who’s Spent Too Much Time in the Sun: IPL Photofacial

Okay, the golf stereotype exists for a reason, but instead of getting him a new club or putter this year, help his skin recover from so many weekends spent in the sun. IPL Photofacial can help to undo sun damage using intense pulsed light, improving the color and texture of the skin without surgery. (Just don’t forget to follow this treatment up with a bonus gift of daily SPF.)

For the Dad Who Needs a Day Off: DiamondGlow Facial Exfoliation

For the dad who needs some serious relaxation, there’s DiamondGlow. The dermabrasion facial exfoliates away dead skin cells without chemicals, prepping the face for absorbing serums that help hydrate and rejuvenate the skin without traditional redness. No one will be the wiser about his skin regimen. 

For the Dad Looking to Get in Shape: CoolSculpting® and BodyTite®

Not everyone has time to hit the gym, but that doesn’t mean his self-esteem should suffer. Especially if he’s a new dad, he may not have time to work out like he used to. Help restore his confidence with body sculpting. CoolSculpting® relies on cold to freeze the treated fat cells, ultimately destroying them. BodyTite and FaceTite, on the other hand, use heat from radio frequency (RF) technology to melt away the fat cells. Both will boost his confidence significantly.

For the Dad Who Needs a Refresh: GainsWave® & BioTe®

Fatherhood takes its toll. Show him you appreciate all he does by helping him feel like the man of his teens and twenties with GainsWave® and BioTe®. GainsWave® will help get his blood flowing and address erectile dysfunction without any pills, while BioTe can help balance his hormones and give him a boost of energy, restoring and increasing his sex drive. 

Don’t wait till the last minute this year. Give us a call and give him the best Father’s Day ever: (844) SKINMD1.

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