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The 8 Best Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

The 8 Best Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

It’s the most wonderful, most stressful, and most frigid time of year. Between panicking about your plans,

It’s the most wonderful, most stressful, and most frigid time of year. Between panicking about your plans, ensuring you look photo-ready for all the social events of the season, and desire to purchase the perfect present for everyone on your list, you don’t need yet another thing to worry about.

When it comes to winning the gift-giving game, we have you covered with stocking stuffers that pack a serious punch.  During the month of December 2022, we’re offering 20% off the retail price (or buy 2 and get the third for 50% off, whichever is better for your wallet) for some of our favorite products that we personally use and love. Without further ado, put your brain on the shelf, scroll, shop, and be merry!


Powerhouse products that are clinically proven to work? That’s all we do. SkinCeuticals is one of a dermatologist’s favorite brands for good reason. The dynamic and diverse products tackle nearly every skin type and condition without feeling heavy. 

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Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2: The lightweight moisturizer is anti-aging and great for any skin type. It provides radiance while nourishing the skin and encouraging skin repair making it a must-have for anyone serious about their skin. 

C E Ferulic: A good defense is not in fact the best offense, it’s actually just one of the best serums available. Brighten your skin and erase sun spots with this 15% pure vitamin C formula. 

Skin Medica

A dermatologist-approved go-to brand that our staff and providers swear by, Skin Medica products are for the people in your life who know you can’t put a price on glowing skin. In this instance, the premium prices are worth it. (ahem, 20% off this month…just sayin’.)

Shop our faves! 

HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: Not only is this one of our top sellers and favorite skin foods for post-procedure (seriously try it after Morpheus8, it’ll change your life), HA5 is a secret weapon to prime your skin, filling in wrinkles and folds for smoother-looking skin. 

TNS® Advanced+ Serum: As it turns out, you can put a price on happiness. If you’re trying to impress your MIL or treat yourself, this is the gift. The growth factor skin-rejuvenating formula improves texture, tone, laxity, and overall appearance in just 2 weeks. 


Dr. Obagi is the Santa Claus of skin care. We trust that he knows what we really want, and he always delivers. With innovative formulas and tried and true products, you can’t choose incorrectly, but we still have a few recommendations to make.

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Cleansing Wipes: Because everyone needs to wash their face, we’re making it easier than ever. Affordable enough for every stocking, Obagi’s cleansing wipes are the perfect way to quickly cleanse and refresh the skin.

Daily Hydro-Drops Facial Serum: This complex and unique formula provides smooth, radiant skin, quenching even the thirstiest of skin for all-day hydration.


Formulated in Europe, so you know it’ll go over well as a ‘fancy’ gift, Neocutis is rooted in research. Their cutting-edge products rely on the best cosmetic ingredients for visible, tangible results. 

Shop our faves! 

Journee Firm: This 4-in-1 formula will make true believers out of skincare skeptics. It provides anti-aging, antioxidant care, SPF, and hydration. Yep, all of it.

Aftercare: An award-winning product for post-procedure, boost collagen, hydrate, and prevent excessive dryness — all with very chic packaging. You can’t miss.

Celebrate without stress this year. We’ve made your list and checked it twice. View the whole store at or stop by and pick up your stocking stuffers at your favorite Skin MD location! 

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