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The Shape of Things to Come with CoolSculpting

The Shape of Things to Come with CoolSculpting

DIET. EXERCISE. REPEAT. Been there, done that? Yet, you STILL have the figure flaws you discovered around the time you found out ice cream CAN bring about a fix on the most broken of things (broken hearts,

DIET. EXERCISE. REPEAT. Been there, done that? Yet, you STILL have the figure flaws you discovered around the time you found out ice cream CAN bring about a fix on the most broken of things (broken hearts, broken dreams, broken bikes)? From keto to cardio, you may have tried everything, and there’s still an inch to pinch on the most awful trouble spots. So in the name of fellow wiggle warriors, (and all those who may harbor a wish to see exes eat their hearts out), we’ve taken the initiative and asked the experts at Skin MD all about CoolSculpting! This treatment is a noninvasive fat reduction method that has become available to the masses.

Let up on those weights and shakes for a couple of reps at least for a few minutes or better yet—FOREVER!! I asked Jenna McCarthy, a partner at Skin MD Med Spa and client liaison extraordinaire:

How Does it Work and Who is a Good Candidate for Treatment?

First, let’s talk about what this process ISN’T. It’s NOT liposuction in that there is no incision, no downtime, and no side effects. Instead, it is a fat-freezing method where fat cells are ”killed off” by a specialized cooling laser. This causes the fat cells to be eliminated from the body in a natural way.

As such, it often takes 2 to 4 weeks to see the full results. Because it is non-surgical, anyone who has a smooth-abbed dream can use this fat reduction method. It was not designed or recommended as a treatment for obesity.

Could You Share the Cost and Effectiveness of Other Fat Reduction Methods in Comparison?

Just so you’ll understand a little more about this amazing technology and why it’s so successful, I’m going to give you a quick ”anatomy of fat loss” lesson. When people lose weight, they shrink the SIZE of their fat cells. Fat cells are sponge-like and can grow in volume when weight is gained when too many fatty foods are absorbed. The number of fat cells, however, will remain the same. CoolSculpting removes the number of fat cells in a targeted area, so even if fatty foods ARE ingested again after treatment (and who would do THAT?), the cells have been frozen off. This means that the fat will not redeposit in that area ever again.

That should explain a lot about why this life-changing technology is worth looking into. Now, let’s talk about the price.

Liposuction can range anywhere from $1,200-2,500 per area of treatment. This depends on the size of the area and the expertise of the physician. Comparatively, a cool laser treatment generally costs $600-1,400 per area. Clients with a few figure flaws should be able to permanently eliminate them and completely transform their bodies for under $4,000 as opposed to about $10,000 for an invasive liposuction procedure on the same areas.

Additionally, we would have to address the obvious: How much is a week’s downtime worth to you? Because this method of treatment needs no recuperation, that week’s pay can be switched up for a fun vacation with your new beach bod instead!! Can you say win-win?

How Long Does Treatment Usually Take?

Most areas take an hour or less. It is not recommended to do more than one major area at a time as most clients like the idea of returning right back to work immediately after a session. Of course, with this type of treatment schedule, most like the pay-as-you-go plan as an extra benefit.

I hope I have completely answered your questions on the incredible ego boost we know firsthand can be achieved through this state-of-the-art service. As always, the Skin MD team is available for a chat about any of your skin issues or concerns about accessing the right treatment options. Look through these before and after photos and imagine how we can help reveal a newly confident you!

CoolSculpting: Airbrushing your fat away–in real time!!

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