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Meet Your Holiday Skincare Survival Pack, the Laser Facial

Meet Your Holiday Skincare Survival Pack, the Laser Facial

Don’t just survive the holidays this year, thrive! Show up and show off your best skin ever with Skin MD’s signature Laser Facial.

The holidays are filled with many emotions ranging from excitement to dread. The influx of social events and expectations can be draining and managing everything on your plate can be difficult. Sometimes, the constant bustle results in neglecting the most important thing: YOU! Don’t forget to take care of your needs, including your skincare. One of the best ways to survive the season is with our Laser Facial by combining the 1540 non-ablative fractional laser treatment with the DiamondGlow facial. The results will have you unwrapping the greatest gift of all: glowing skin and ultimate confidence. 

Here’s how the one-two punch of our Laser Facial will have you feeling festive all season long. 


Enter the DiamondGlow facial. This one’s all about the surface. It’s like a gentle yet effective polish for your skin using literal diamonds to exfoliate and cleanse (aka its fancy AF). It’s where the magic happens — Santa’s workshop could never. Consequently, based on your specific skin concerns – aging, hyperpigmentation, dryness, or acne – serums packed with skin-loving ingredients are infused directly into your skin for a glow-up that’s brighter than all the Christmas lights combined.


Then, it’s time for the 1540 laser treatment. Like giving your skin a deep, rejuvenating workout that doesn’t involve any effort on your part (the best kind of workout). It dives deep into the layers of skin, triggering new collagen fibers — the stuff that keeps your skin looking plump and youthful — to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and even scars.

Putting these two together? That’s the holiday miracle you need to get through what can be a challenging month. 

What’s great about this dynamic duo, besides everything, is the customization available. You can tailor DiamondGlow with different serums to suit your skin’s specific needs. Then, you can adjust the 1540 laser in intensity. This means that whether your skin is thirsty for hydration, fighting aging, or dealing with acne scars, the facial is personalized just for you.

Additionally, using DiamondGlow first prepares the skin beautifully by removing dead skin cells and impurities which makes your skin more receptive to the 1540 laser treatment. You get a smoother, more effective application of the laser, which means better results.

One of the best parts? This isn’t a retreat-and-recover-for-week treatment (though we understand if you kinda wish you had an excuse to ditch the family obligations, so if you want to lie about it, we won’t tell). Both treatments have minimal downtime. You get fantastic benefits without having to hide away, flaunting that fresh, rejuvenated skin right away.

Following the facial, you’re not just looking at immediate benefits like cleaner, brighter skin from the DiamondGlow. The 1540 laser ensures you’ve got long-term gains too, like firmer, more youthful skin over time. It’s an investment in your skin’s future and yourself. However, consistency is key. To make our signature laser facial the gift that literally keeps on giving, join our monthly membership program.

Don’t just survive the holidays this year, thrive! Show up and show off your best skin ever with Skin MD’s signature Laser Facial. We’re here to make this month, and your skin, merry and bright: Book here now or call us at (844) 754-6631!

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