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How To Sculpt Your Summer Body Starting Now

How To Sculpt Your Summer Body Starting Now

Summer is rapidly approaching (we can’t believe it either)! With endless days stretched ahead of us and the temperature finally heating up,

Summer is rapidly approaching (we can’t believe it either)! With endless days stretched ahead of us and the temperature finally heating up, it’s time to prepare for the season of skin with some talk about how to sculpt your body. Whether you feel comfortable showing yours or not, the warm weather always begs the question — will you be bearing it all this year?

With a little encouragement from body sculpting, the answer will be an enthusiastic YES.

Sculpt with Emsculpt Neo

Body sculpting has revolutionized the way we approach aesthetic enhancement and physical confidence. One of the most groundbreaking technologies in this realm — and a personal fave amongst our employees and clients alike — is Emsculpt NEO, a non-invasive treatment that not only reduces fat but also builds muscle, offering a dual approach to body contouring.

Your unused gym membership is shaking.

Emsculpt NEO uses a unique combination of radiofrequency (RF) heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. The RF heating prepares the fat cells for removal, while the HIFEM energy stimulates muscle contractions, similar to what you would achieve with intense exercise.

This process not only helps in reducing unwanted fat but also enhances muscle definition and strength. A significant advantage of Emsculpt NEO is its efficiency; a 30-minute session is equivalent to performing 20,000 crunches or squats — let’s see your Orange Theory-obsessed bestie try that!

During treatment, you’ll be led to a room where you can relax in a comfortable, private setting with the Emsculpt NEO applicator on the target area of your body. The nearly magical machine is cleared to treat areas including the abdomen, booty, arms, and thighs. Achieving your fitness goal is only one episode of The Office away.

Sculpt with CoolSculpting

While Emsculpt NEO is transformative, it’s not the only player in the body sculpting game. CoolSculpting is another popular treatment, targeting fat reduction through a process known as cryolipolysis. This method involves freezing fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Over time, your body naturally eliminates these cells, resulting in a leaner figure. CoolSculpting is particularly effective for targeting stubborn fat areas that resist diet and exercise, such as love handles, belly fat, and double chins. Once a fat cell is destroyed it’s gone forever, so no need to worry about maintenance, either.

Sculpt with BodyTite

Another innovative treatment is BodyTite, a minimally invasive procedure that offers fat reduction and skin tightening simultaneously. Using radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), BodyTite melts and removes fat while tightening the skin, offering a more sculpted and toned appearance. This procedure is perfect for those who have loose skin and are looking for a solution that doesn’t have the downtime of traditional surgery.

Not to be a buzz kill, but it’s important to remember that while body sculpting can provide significant improvements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for lasting results — aka take your bestie up on that Orange Theory class, after all.

A balanced diet, regular exercise, and hydration are key components that will help you enjoy the benefits of your treatment for years to come. Think of the treatment as a booster or a head start; it’s not a fix-it-all forever solution.

As summer approaches (yay), body sculpting treatments like Emsculpt NEO, CoolSculpting, and BodyTite give you options to enhance your physical appearance and boost your confidence in the process.

Embrace the season of skin with confidence, knowing you have the power to sculpt your dream body with the latest advancements in aesthetic technology. Your summer body awaits – and with a little help from modern science, it’s closer than you think.

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