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How Long Does Venus Legacy Last?

How Long Does Venus Legacy Last?

It feels like it was just yesterday that skin-lifting surgeries were the only cosmetic procedure that enabled us to defy gravity and the signs of aging that come with it.

It feels like it was just yesterday that skin-lifting surgeries were the only cosmetic procedure that enabled us to defy gravity and the signs of aging that come with it. Now we have an entire laundry list of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can help us hang onto our ever-passing youth. Best of all, they can be done on our lunch break without having to take time off to recover alone in our bedrooms.

Venus Legacy is arguably the most revolutionized of all the cosmetic procedures. It’s been generating a lot of buzz, and for good reason. Of course, what most people want to know is how long does Venus Legacy last? They also want to know if the results are youth-worthy and if they should expect any pain.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Venus Legacy treatments. So, keep reading to get all your questions answered.

What Are Venus Legacy Treatments?

As we get older, our collagen breaks down and our skin loses its elasticity. It also loses its volume and tone, and worse—we begin to develop cellulite. Saggy, older skin, and cellulite are very common insecurities among both men and women. This is especially true when these signs of aging begin to plague us much earlier than we expected.

Venus Legacy treatments were designed to combat these insecurities.

The treatment targets cellulite tightens the skin and reduces the overall body fat. The treatments are administered using a non-invasive device, meaning there’s no anesthesia, surgery, or recovery time involved. The device uses multi-polar radio frequencies (RF) and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) combined with VariPulse technology to penetrate multiple layers of tissue, creating what is called a “therapeutic heat matrix” over the skin.

Within the therapeutic heat matrix, a real-time thermal reaction is created beneath the skin tissue. This thermal reaction stimulates the body’s natural healing response. During the healing response, there’s an increase in blood circulation which causes the skin to contract. The results are a decrease in localized fatty deposits beneath the skin, noticeably firmer skin, and a reduction in cellulite.

Venus Legacy treatments can be used on the face, neck, and body to address the following common issues that we face as we age:

  • Sagging skin
  • Loss of volume (in the face)
  • Double chin
  • Cellulite
  • Frown lines
  • Aging skin
  • Body fat

Venus Legacy treatments are by far the most advanced technology used to fight the signs of aging.

Are Venus Legacy Treatments Painful?

The best thing about Venus Legacy treatments is that they’re 100% pain-free. Most people who have undergone the treatments say that it’s actually very relaxing. Some even say it feels like a warm, deep-tissue massage.

The treatments work by utilizing pulsed suction to create the therapeutic heat matrix over the skin. The pulsed suction is adjustable so that it can work for multiple parts of the body without causing discomfort or unnecessary pulling on the skin. Once set to the proper pulse-suction level, the device very gentle pulls the skin upwards to allow for the radio frequency energy to move deeper into the skin’s tissues.

The treatments take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. During this time, it’s very common for patients to fall asleep because it’s so relaxing.

How Long Does Venus Legacy Last?

Venus Legacy treatments typically last up to 18 months, which is a long time. However, the duration and quality of the results will vary with each individual. Factors such as age, skin type, and body type come into play, contributing to the overall results seen.

Additionally, it takes multiple treatments to see optimal results. Depending on whether you’re having the treatment done on your face, neck, or body, it can take between six and ten sessions to see the desired results. Of course, how quickly you’ll see results depends on how your body responds to the treatment.

It’s also recommended to follow up with maintenance sessions after your initial treatment. After all, our bodies don’t stop aging just because we turn back the clock a few years.

Are Venus Legacy Treatments Worth it?

Non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic procedures don’t come cheap. Venus Legacy treatments can end up costing upwards of $3,000 per session. However, between the physical results seen after consecutive treatment sessions and the safety factors involved, Venus Legacy treatments are well worth every penny.

Skin grafts, liposuction, and other invasive cosmetic procedures come with inherent risks. Those risks include complications, infections, and the unfortunate botched job. Plus, they require a lot of downtime to heal, whereas treatments such as Venus Legacy are finished within an hour and require zero downtime.

With Venus Legacy treatments you can pop into the spa on your lunch break, have an effective anti-aging treatment and warm massage done all in one, and resume your normal activities immediately after. That sounds like it’s worth it to us—especially if it refreshes your aging skin.

Are You Ready to Turn Back Time?

So, how long does Venus Legacy last? Well, the short answer may be up to 18 months, but with regular maintenance, it can last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a way to banish cellulite and tighten saggy skin, Venus Legacy treatments may be just what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready to turn back time, contact us for a free consultation. We specialize in Venus Legacy treatments and much more to help your skin stay youthful and healthy.

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