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Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

The hottest haute couture gown. The 5 hour researched and then applied YouTube contouring video, and washed off,

The hottest haute couture gown. The 5 hour researched and then applied YouTube contouring video, and washed off, then reapplied. And those Louboutins, damn! Don’t forget those! After all that, somehow it still doesn’t work. But why? Because underneath it all is the skin you’re in.

If you’ve ever suffered from acne, sun damage, or just regular stress-encouraged gravity (going down, anyone?) no matter what you do you can’t look hot if your skin is just, well—NOT! Don’t live with it. FIX IT! Through the discovery of laser technology and years of trials and perfected procedures, total skin renewal is actually possible today. There are different treatment strategies and benefits from each method, so choosing the right one needs a little time and consideration. But if you’ve EVER wished for the lights to dim, or be able to NOT cringe when you looked in your rearview mirror at noon…

Silkpeel Dermal Infusion

Different variations and product strengths are custom applied per client to address and deliver smooth and even results. No two peels are exactly alike! Client A is a twenty-five-year-old who has deep acne scars just in the lower parts of the face and does not need the same cellular depth all over her forehead and cheeks. Client B is a 47-year-old with sun damage, fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth (and that bane of motherhood-like it’s not tough enough), melasma (if you had to look it up-be very grateful). Both clients receive exclusive peels, and both receive new confident-in-their-own-skin personas that come from a fresh, no makeup needed face!!


You sat on the beach at 16. And nothing else on your younger bikini-ed self but Baby Oil! You did not know this at the time but those carefree, tan-equals-fun days were gonna cost you. But now you know! It’s not too late to get the even tone of healthy skin back. The patented Palomar MaxG IPL is designed to reverse a bunch of bad behavior skin consequences, with immediately noticeable results in one visit!

Pulses of concentrated light are beamed at the problem areas, with no more discomfort than you had while laying in the sun! Broken blood vessels, spider veins (it seems you may have partied a little hearty too!) and hyperpigmentation (those dreaded sunspots) all get zapped back into your yearbook days!

1540 Fractional Resurfacing

Too many self-facials? (don’t worry-you’re not the only one—we all privately pick!) Your pore size can’t be exclusively blamed on that awful and uncontrollable habit; it’s also due to age, genetics, and environment. Who cares why it happens if you feel your flaws can be seen from Google maps? I hear you! And I want to let you know something. Orange peel skin can become as smooth as a peach. REALLY. With the advance of the patented Palomar 1540 laser technology, even the deepest scars due to trauma, or those crazy I-worry-way-too-much creases (like on the forehead) can be erased, for intense and truly amazing results! (Now-hands OFF!!)

Co2RE Laser Resurfacing

Pulsing strobe type beams of two different frequencies are applied to the underneath layers of skin through the pores. This causes the outer layers to peel, or for lack of a better word—shed. I’m sorry if it sounds gross—it is. But just a little bit. No worse than a sunburn. You won’t care about any of that dead skin coming off though when you see what’s hiding underneath it! Needs a couple of days to peel and reveal, so most popular scheduling day is Friday. Binge watch over the weekend.

Come Monday; heads will turn! What follows is all up to you!


Christie Brinkley shared the secret of her forever young appearance and just wanted others to know they can have it too! We think that’s VERY generous of her, don’t we?? Of course, her gene pool seems to have been particularly blessed, and we can’t change ours or access any of hers, obviously, but we CAN get amazing results without surgery through ultrasound waves. Yes! That’s right! The same technology that can tell if it’s a boy or girl can also lift and tighten any area of the face, neck, or anywhere you choose really!! The first FDA approved ultrasound treatment of its kind, Ultherapy stimulates the dormant collagen, revealing better and better skin for months after this smoothing, soothing procedure. A little like a heat mask—a lot like WOW!

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