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EMSCULPT: Are you lunging for a better shape?

EMSCULPT: Are you lunging for a better shape?

It will always be true that exercise increases endorphin levels, wards off depression and ups our overall well-being.

It will always be true that exercise increases endorphin levels, wards off depression and ups our overall well-being. Even with all the benefits of exercise, the years of squats and weight training can still have your rear view, well, falling flat. There is an exciting new technology that can give you the lift you’re working for. It is called Emsculpt, and today, we will answer why it’s the new treatment everyone is whispering about.

What is Emsculpt, and how is it different from other fat loss treatments?

Emsculpt is a new FDA-approved treatment that uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology. What it does might be hard to believe, but the results are the proof of this pudding and absolutely incredible. The noninvasive magnetic waves are focused on the target area, causing the muscles to react and contract. These contractions bring on a toning of the muscles within a short period of time. Amazingly, butts are lifted, and stomachs are tightened. Because it works on the muscle and not just the removal of fat like other procedures, it is the new body-sculpting choice of doctors and licensed practitioners all over the world.

Ouch!! Induced muscle contractions sound painful! How did the trial patients rate the discomfort level?

Emsculpt is not painful! Clients report it feeling like a bunch of strong weight-training contractions. Many patients tend to smile or laugh during the first few minutes, and then the body adapts to the rhythm and it’s easily tolerated. Additionally, the Emsculpt device was designed to be personalized to a patient’s tolerance level. The strength of the magnetic waves can be lessened or heightened during treatment—customizing it to a patient’s request and comfort. There is no heat, so there is no burning sensation or downtime. In post-treatment, the area will have a “Charlie-horse” feeling like a strong workout. But most patients love that feeling!

Can results be seen in one treatment?

The patient will feel and see a tighter, more lean appearance of the targeted area immediately after the first session. However, full results are reported after the recommended four, 30-minute sessions over a span of a month, spaced apart by at least a few days to a week in between sessions. Check out some results here!

Who is a candidate for Emsculpt?

Emsculpt cannot be used for just anyone with a desire for a leaner silhouette. The ideal candidate is at or near his/her ideal weight. A BMI of under 25 is necessary for results to be optimal. The few additional restrictions would be anyone who is pregnant, wears a pacemaker, or has a metal mesh or medical hardware anywhere in the treatment area. It is especially enticing for those women who have experienced diastasis recti, a fancy word for the mommy pouch. When pregnancy or cesarean sections cause the muscles to separate, this causes an annoying condition that no amount of exercise or diet can alter. The only way to fix it in the past was with a tummy tuck. But now, there’s a new weapon!

What areas can be treated?

Because it is fairly new on the market, the two procedures that can be utilized right now are the non-surgical tummy tuck and the butt lift. Trials on other areas are being performed every day, but for the time being, those are the only bodily areas that technicians in the field are being trained to perform.

What is the cost?

Of course, the cost of Emsculpt differs from patient to patient, depending on the area and contraction tolerance. Most treatments will run about two to three thousand dollars for the recommended four half-hour sessions.

Are the results permanent?

We’ll put it this way. If immediately after treatment you cancel your gym membership and replace your workout with a new schedule of eating Bonbons in front of the TV instead, then NO, you will not continue seeing permanent results. If, however, you keep those newly striated muscles tight and maintain your weight, the results are fantastic. Follow-up treatment after six months for one session is sometimes necessary, but overall, as long as you don’t get loose and lazy, you should be able to hold on to your tighter physique.

We hope we have answered all your questions about Emsculpt and have given you new ideas about how to ”Make ’em all stand at attention!”

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