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Can We All Get More of What We Had Before with BioTE?

Can We All Get More of What We Had Before with BioTE?

Most of us have heard the words “hormone replacement therapy,” and most of us have a general idea of who may need it and why a patient is considered a proper candidate.

Most of us have heard the words “hormone replacement therapy,” and most of us have a general idea of who may need it and why a patient is considered a proper candidate. However, did you know that there is a teeny little time capsule that can replace the vitality of youth in your life? Does that differ from the HRT picture you’d had in your head as soon as you’d read the word “hormone”? Thought so! Read on to learn more!

What is BioTE Therapy?

In precise, dictionary terms, biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life. That’s straight out of Webster’s. Isn’t that what all science, especially medical science, is about? HRT is not science fiction; surprisingly, it has been around for years. It’s just that the pharmaceutical companies would rather have it that you do not know about it. That’s because the synthetic hormones they’ve spent millions to develop and get billions to administer would never be prescribed over the natural “real deal” that BioTE can claim. Custom-measured, time-release pellets cancel out hormone deficiencies, and the benefits continue over a more extended period than once-a-week injections or daily prescriptions. HRT can address anything from decreased focus to weight gain, reduced libido, low energy, and a host of other issues in between. For both men AND women, lives will change.

Why Do Doctors Use BioTE Pellets Instead of Other Forms of Natural Hormone?

There are amazing and immediate benefits to being able to customize and control a hormone substance in the body. First off, the convenience of once every three to six months for women and once every four to six months for men means the hormone levels stay consistent and are channeled naturally through the lymphatic system with no room for human error. There is no forgetting to take pills or accidentally skipping an injection. The BioTE pellets are tiny and custom-compounded for symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances. This therapy keeps hormone levels consistent throughout the day and avoids the rollercoaster-like effects of those administered orally or topically. Also described as bio-identical hormones, they develop from natural sources. Simply put, BioTE pellets contain hormones identical to the ones found in and recognized by the human body. Studies have shown that bio-identical hormones have way fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.

Where and How Does a Practitioner Place the Pellets in the Body?

The injection site is usually high on the upper thigh. The small area of skin is cleaned and numbed with a mild local antibiotic. Patients have described it as feeling like a mosquito bite. Next, the doctor or physician-trained professional will make a tiny incision, place the customized pellets under the skin, and close the incision. The entire procedure rarely runs over five minutes.

Who Is a Candidate for BioTE?

Anyone who wants to change how he/she feels about aging, starting from the inside, is a candidate. Lab work is the only way to verify a hormone imbalance, but once you get that diagnosis, please remember the first rule of aging well: Age is just a number. Don’t wait until you are over 50 to visit your doctor and arrange a consultation if you are having symptoms, especially those that are dampening your quality of life.

What are some of the conditions that BioTE has been proven to help diminish?

The most common ones are:

  • depression
  • osteoporosis
  • hair loss
  • loss of muscle
  • weight gain
  • kidney failure
  • heart disease
  • low sex drive

Many other age-related health issues have been completely eradicated or significantly improved. Treatment changes the way our patients see themselves-as vital, energetic, but most of all, joyful interpreters of their dreams.

Do men become more feminine or women more manly with hormone therapy treatments?

No! It is a common misconception that women begin to grow facial hair, and men increase their breast size with HTR. Men already have the women’s hormone estrogen as women have testosterone, the male form, always working in their endocrine (gland) systems. BioTE pellets serve to regulate all the hormones unique to the individual patient. The body recognizes them immediately as they are already in existence in this intricate gland system.

How Does BioTE Fit into Skin MDs’ Lineup of Exclusive Treatments?

While you already know our team for its mastery in the art of helping patients maximize their best features and minimize their worst, we never forget that beauty comes from within. The healthy glow of wellness has always been at the heart of all we do. Integrating BioTE into our service plan was a natural response when we saw how this type of treatment could turn our patients lives around. BioTE resonates with our core mantra of helping patients see themselves as the vital forces of nature they are-and that sometimes, getting the most out of life means, if you don’t just ride on top of the crazy waves of time, you might find a way to explore what’s underneath it all.

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