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Beauty Treatments to do Before Your Wedding

Beauty Treatments to do Before Your Wedding

It’s true that nothing can make a woman look more beautiful than the glow of love on her wedding day.

It’s true that nothing can make a woman look more beautiful than the glow of love on her wedding day. But the vision in white you always pictured as a little girl may still need a bit of real-time airbrushing. Wedding prep treatments have advanced from the days of whitening strips and mud masks. We know you have enough to arrange before you take on your new title, so we’ve made you a little go-to guide for all the most popular beauty treatments to do before your wedding. We can’t help you with where to seat your feuding relatives, but here’s a tasting from the smorgasbord of bridal beauty perfection!

Injectables — Pinpoint Perfection

Fillers and injectables used to be hush-hush among the Hollywood set. But recently, the natural results make this lunch-hour service a staple among the newly-engaged. Thinking of getting Botox before your wedding? The right treatment plan will include a custom designed agenda for every face. One appointment can deliver fuller lips or erase under-eye sagginess. A consultation with a skilled professional will let you understand all your options and how to achieve the best results. Fast, easy, effective, and beautiful. Amen! The days of taboo treatments are over! Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000, depending, of course, on how many injections are needed.

EMSCULPT — Workout Magic

Whether it’s months away or mere (yikes!) weeks, you can get the body toning of an intense fitness regime with just a few half-hour sessions. We kid you not! Flatter abs and tighter glutes are possible without doing one sit-up or squat! Honestly, with all the inter-bridesmaid drama going on, you don’t have any available time or energy for the gym anyways, right? But even for gym rats, these electromagnetic paddles can do what no workout can accomplish on its own. After three thirty-minute sessions and a few sore muscles, you can do that backward over-your-shoulder pose with greater confidence! The average cost: $3,000.00.

Laser Hair Removal — Your Smooth Move

His deep gaze makes all your little hairs stand on end, but your guests don’t have to know that! Laser hair removal has made the permanent removal of facial or body hair possible. The hair follicle is killed at the root with a skilled hand and a magic laser wand. You’ve always said you wanted to do this! What time in your life is more important to make a commitment to yourself? Say no to messy, painful waxing and constant upkeep. Say yes to honeymoon-ready smoothness. Price varies according to the size of the area and the coarseness of the unwanted hair. Generally, face-only hair removal should cost about $500 to $1000. Together with full-body areas, arms, legs, etc., the total cost is about $1,500 to $2,500.

Ultherapy — You Lift Me Up!

Ultrasound waves that can do the work of a surgical face lift? Your dream day plans are not making you hallucinate! Believe it! The service that only stars used to be able to turn to for youthful radiance without surgery is now available for the general public. Is your gown choice showing off more decolletage than you’re used to, and you want to smooth it all out? Is double chin or turkey neck not what you want looking back at you from your wedding albums years from now? This is a one-and-done FDA-approved treatment that creates collagen in the under layers of your skin as you get tighter, firmer, and even more beautiful! Give yourself some time for this one as the full effects can take up to six months. The price range, based on the size of the treatment area, is about $1,500 to $3,500.

CoolSculpting — Make Him Hot!!

That sleeveless or deep-backed, white glamour should not be the thing that’s making you all jittery right now! Time it right, and your jiggles will only be heard and not seen come the big day! Non-invasive fat reduction freezes off fat cells that do not come back! A completely safe, no-downtime procedure that will leave you breathless with anticipation, not self-consciousness! Minimize the fat in any area of choice, but do schedule your appointment at least two to three months before the wedding. CoolSculpting results evolve over time, and we want you to have the full effect for that make-his-jaw-drop effect that we know you’re going for! The cost is approximately $1,500– $3,000.

The after effects, though, are priceless!

While you will only have eyes for your boo, there is no other time in your life when all eyes will be focused on you! Happy wedding prep and congratulations from all of us here at the Skin MD family!

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