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Airbrush Your Skin Mistakes Away with Photofacials

Airbrush Your Skin Mistakes Away with Photofacials

Ahh, the wastefulness of youth! And the sheer stupidity of our younger selves! If we would only have known then,

Ahh, the wastefulness of youth! And the sheer stupidity of our younger selves! If we would only have known then, that those earlier, party-filled years were one day going to make us want to forget New Years altogether, we may have been a drop more cautious. Broken skin vessels from too much imbibing, brown spots from inadequate sun protection, and a host of other flaws, can make your face the map of regret. But it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. You’ve done your time!

What are Photofacials and How do they Work?

The best way to prevent sun damage and other skin grievances is to be serious about skin protection. But for those who have seen too many days of carefree fun, there is still a way to reverse the damage. A Photofacial administered by a licensed practitioner is becoming the go-to choice for those who want instant results that restore youthful skin confidence. The latest in laser technology makes the magic happen. During a session, a laser light beam is pinpointed at the specific damage. It is called the Palomar Max G IPL, it is a patented technology that includes a melanin reader. Melanin is what caused the hyperpigmentation (sun spots) on the skin surface in the first place. The incorporated melanin reader in the Palomar is therefore essential, in evening out the skin tone for whatever problem area the patient needs addressing.

Are Photofacials Painful?

No. They have been reviewed as slightly to moderately uncomfortable at most, but clients do not report pain. (Most say, after seeing the results, that even if it would be somewhat painful, they’d still endure it!) The IPL device used is a highly sophisticated and targeted light that may tingle or feel a bit warm in sensitive skin but causes no strong sensation.

Can One Session Make a Difference? How Many Treatments are Typically Needed?

Every skin challenge is as different as the many different faces a photofacial can treat. Factors like skin tone, how long ago the skin damage occurred, and the size of the area to be addressed, all have to be taken into account, and therefore can vary. On the average though, 3 to 5 sessions are the normal range of treatment for most skin issues. The results are seen immediately after one treatment. An evener texture and tone emerge, as sunspots and veins become lighter and disappear within two weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects or any Downtime Needed?

If a better outlook and a happier version of the self is a side effect, then, yes! But, seriously, there have been customers who experience mild sensitivity to the laser, which resulted in a tingling sensation—but nothing that would stop a patient from regular routines and activities. And, very unlike conventional plastic surgeries or more intense treatments, there is no injury or bruising to the skin’s surface. So, no downtime. In fact, it could be done during the lunch break.

What Areas Can be Treated?

Areas on the face, neck, or upper chest have seen effective results.

Is There Any Follow-Up Needed?

In combination with a successful round of sessions, many patients do opt for a Silkpeel Dermalinfusion with Lumixyl (a brightening agent 17 times more potent than hydroquinone). A Silkpeel enhances the effects of the Photofacials and smoothens the skin to a higher degree. However, it is not necessary to enjoy the results of the treatments on their own.

IT’S YOUR TIME! It’s that time of year to enjoy and to party with the good sense and great confidence that your new image will bring you! CHEERS!

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