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8 Common Botox Myths Debunked

8 Common Botox Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths that surround botox surgery. Despite botox being one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can undergo,

There are a lot of myths that surround botox surgery. Despite botox being one of the safest cosmetic procedures you can undergo, it still holds a stigma that’s hard to shake. These myths unfairly hurt the industry, and most importantly, those who choose to partake in botox.

You’ve probably heard the rumors, so now it’s time to hear the truth. Here are 9 common botox myths you should stop believing.

1. Botox Freezes Your Face & Kills Your Expressions

You’ll see this myth perpetuated a lot in movies and on TV. Someone goes in for botox, and they come out with their face stuck in a horrific expression, unable to change it.

This is probably one of the most shared myths about botox. In truth, properly applied botox should not leave your face expressionless. Botox does relax the muscles in your face to reduce wrinkles and lines, but it doesn’t freeze your face in any specific or permanent way.

Frozen face only happens if too much Botox is used. As long as you go to a reliable expert for your Botox treatments, you shouldn’t worry about this.

2. Botox Is Forever

Some people believe Botox is a permanent solution for wrinkles and lines, but this isn’t the case.

Botox treatment lasts for between 3 and 6 months on average. The length of time changes from person to person, and depends on how many times you’ve had Botox. That’s why you shouldn’t be shocked to see lines and wrinkles come back a few months after a Botox procedure.

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3. Botox Is for Women

This is a strange one, but it’s one of the most common myths surrounding Botox.

The myth probably comes from the old adage that worrying about outer appearance is a female trait. This, however, isn’t the truth — it’s 2020, people. Botox is used by plenty of people across the world, both male and female.

Everyone gets wrinkles and lines, and men want to look their best, too. Thankfully, this myth seems to be lifting in recent years, as more and more men are getting Botox.

4. Botox Is Just Cosmetic

You probably consider Botox a cosmetic surgery. While it is mostly used for cosmetic purposes, it does have some medical applications.

In fact, Botox started as a treatment for eye spasms and flickering. It’s used to relax the muscles in the eye and stop them from spasming out of control. Botox didn’t become a cosmetic procedure until years later, when cosmetic surgeons realized its full potential.

Beyond eye twitching, Botox is also used to help sufferers of migraines, end premature ejaculation, and stop excessive armpit sweating. Who know it had so many applications!

5. Botox Is an Addiction

Some people believe that Botox is an addictive procedure. They see people going in for multiple treatments and come to the conclusion that they must be addicted.

This myth is tied to the “Botox is permanent” myth. If you believe Botox is permanent, then you might also believe those who go in for multiple treatments are addicted. In fact, they’re just going in for another treatment as theirs is wearing out — they’re starting to see wrinkles and lines again.

So, don’t worry, you’re not going to get addicted to Botox. You might get addicted to how great you look after Botox, though.

6. Botox Hurts

Proper Botox injections should not cause you any pain.

Trained Botox practitioners are taught how to apply Botox in a way that doesn’t hurt the patient. Sometimes you see bruises or discoloration after someone goes through Botox, but the truth is they may have gone to an unprofessional practitioner. You can find a practitioner that can perform Botox on you without any noticeable after-effects.

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7. Your Wrinkles Get Worse When You Stop Using Botox

Some people say that if you use Botox, then stop using Botox, your wrinkles will come back much worse. This is a particularly harmful myth, and plain untrue.

If you decide to stop using Botox after trying it once or twice, your wrinkles will come back exactly as they were before. All that happens when you stop using Botox is your skin returns to normal. It loosens back up, resulting in wrinkles and lines.

You may notice a few new wrinkles or lines if you stop using Botox, but that’s just due to aging. It is not a result of the Botox.

8. Botox Is Dangerous

You may have heard people say Botox is a toxic chemical. People claim it’s dangerous to inject, and may lead to diseases or even kill you if applied incorrectly.

In fact, Botox is a nontoxic substance. All it is is a pure protein form of Botulinum. It doesn’t go into the bloodstream when properly applied, only into the muscles, so it’s not going to kill you.

There’s over 100 years of research into Botox, and the FDA has approved it as a nontoxic chemical. As long as you go to a trusted Botox practitioner, you’re in the right hands.

Botox Myths Busted

It’s unfortunate how many myths surround a common and safe procedure like Botox. If you’ve ever heard any of the myths above, or know anyone who believes them, please share this article with them. It’s the only way we can hope to dispel these harmful rumors once and for all.

If you’re ready to undergo Botox or a number of other cosmetic surgeries, book a consult with us today.

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