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5 Reasons Lip Filler Is Better Than A Boyfriend

5 Reasons Lip Filler Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Here are five reasons to commit to lip injections over the wrong relationship.

For better or for worse Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, a confusing situationship, or you’re single AF, there’s no denying that your relationship status feels amplified this month. Regardless of where you stand, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is with an extra dose of self-love with Lip Filler. 

Still, we get it — with love in the air, the theme of the month is romance and attraction and the relationship FOMO can be strong. While we can’t stop you from crying over your ex or matching with someone questionable on a dating app, we can help you with the ultimate confidence boost: The perfect pout.

Here are five reasons to commit to lip injections over the wrong relationship.

Lip injections bring out the best in you

Like a great partner, lip injections help you feel like the best version of yourself. Both Restylane and Juvederm are built to enhance the natural shape and feel of your lip, restoring lost volume or even adding in extra. 

In the age of FaceTune, Photoshop, and the Kardashians, lip injections get a bad rep, often cited as obvious and overdone. However, these assumptions are misguided. Like any injectable, it comes down to the person doing the injecting — with a skilled injector and an open dialogue, duck lips are not a concern. 

Lip injections take things slow  

If you’re inexperienced with injectables, we recommend that you take it slow, starting with half a syringe to get used to the subtle changes. While we of course want to ensure you’re happy with your results, it’s much easier to add filler than it is to dissolve it (seriously, it hurts more than most breakups).

Lip injections listen to you

When you come in for your treatment we’ll discuss your aesthetic goal to determine the amount needed. Whether you’re experienced or a newbie, we highly encourage you to bring pictures in.

During the appointment, we’ll work with you to ensure we’re adding adequate oomf without any oof, explaining the process as we go. Everyone has unique lips, and we’ll tailor your pout to what works and looks best with your mouth.

Lip injections won’t ghost you

Like any dermal filler, Restalyne Kysse and Juvederm both work immediately. However, although you’ll see results right away, think of it like the honeymoon phase of a relationship: It’s a little overinflated and not totally rooted in reality on day one. 

In medical terms, expect to be a bit swollen following the injection. Don’t freak out! Over the course of a few days, your lips will settle down to show their true results which will be more subdued than the initial first look. 

Once the Skin MD team injects you, the results will stay. Unlike your Hinge date, no ghosting without a trace here: Dermal filler in the lips can last from 12-16 months, making this a commitment you should take seriously.  

Lip injections aren’t jealous 

Lip filler is fabulous on its own, but if you’re feeling spicy, it plays well with others. If you want the ultimate confidence boost this February, pair your lip filler with more filler, Dysport, or a DiamondGlow facial — or all three, we don’t judge. 

Pamper and romance yourself this month, after all, you deserve it. Give us a call at (844) 754-6631 or request a consultation time online to perfect your pout!

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