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4 Treatments To Get Through This Holiday Season

4 Treatments To Get Through This Holiday Season

Here at four treatments to help you get through the holiday season – courtesy of Skin MD.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and before you ask, we don’t condone holiday music until after Thanksgiving. Still, we do support getting ahead of the gift-giving season by treating yourself before it’s time to budget. 

Whether you love the holidays or can’t wait till they’re over, make some space to de-stress and focus on YOU before they officially arrive. Here are our four favorite ways to slay (pun intended) the holidays: 

For the Stressed-out Shopper: BOTOX® Cosmetic

When it comes to seeing your in-laws and picking out the perfect gift, this time of year can get complicated and surface unwanted emotions and unwanted wrinkles. While we aren’t licensed to give official mental health advice, we are licensed to give you Botox, and that’s kind of the same thing. 

Botox is a fifteen-minute treatment to relax and soften wrinkles for a younger appearance. The neurotoxin halts the nerve from sending signals to the muscle, preventing the injected area from contracting, thus resulting in a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. 

The iconic and popular aesthetic treatment lasts up to three months and takes a full week to show results, so we recommend trying or re-upping the injectable ASAP, so you don’t accidentally scowl at your mother-in-law during Thanksgiving dinner.

For Those Who Are Prepared for Everything: Fillers

Already made a list and checked it twice? Good work! Now it’s time to primp yourself for every upcoming holiday party with a little prep work.

Fillers are the long-lasting solution for an artful treatment that sculpts without surgery and gives you an aesthetic worth bragging about. Formulated primarily with hyaluronic acid, as the name suggests, fillers fill. The injectable restores lost volume in the face and can even be used to add volume in places like the nose, lips, and cheeks.

For the chronically prepared, give yourself one less step to worry about and invest in filler. The injectable lasts up to a year and can alter your appearance subtly or drastically, taking away time previously spent on makeup or skincare and replacing it with a photo-ready face. Everyone is already jealous of your go-getter attitude, now they’ll be jealous of your face, too. 

For Those Who Need a Minute to Themselves: DiamondGlow Facial

Whether you need a break from your kids or from that aunt who won’t stop asking you why you’re still single, carving out “me time” is always a good idea. Get ready for the whirlwind of holiday stress with a facial.

If you’re looking to wind down and strictly enjoy yourself, try a DiamondGlow, which is a non-invasive facial using SkinMedica products to resurface and reveal glowing skin. This innovative, favorite treatment of Skin MD staff and patients includes exfoliation, extractions, and the piece de resistance, a nourishing infusion of customized serum for your skin’s specific needs. The infusion step can plump the surface of your skin by up to 70% in one treatment! Whether your concern is acne, sun damage, or anti-aging – your skin will benefit from this treatment. Get your Glow on before the holiday lights go up. 

No matter what you’re looking to treat, there is a Skin Medica Serum for that, and we’re here to help find which one is best for you.

For Those Dreaming of Summer: Body Sculpting 

We’ve got a long way to go before the sun is back to set at 9 pm, but why not start getting excited now? Body Sculpting can help you create the aesthetic you want in time for the 2023 bikini season.

By starting now, you’ll give yourself ample time to build the body of your dreams, getting ahead of even the New Year’s Resolution bunch. Build muscle, destroy fat, and prosper. Most body contouring treatments take time to work (literal months), meaning you’re right on time to begin your journey.

No matter what the holidays have in store, we’re here to help you get through with a smile. Give us a call and give yourself an early gift, no matter what it looks like. You deserve it: (844) SKINMD1 or schedule online now!

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