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3 Reasons To Try Weight Loss Injections

3 Reasons To Try Weight Loss Injections

Unless you’ve been living entirely off the grid, you’ve likely heard of FDA-approved weight loss medications taking the country by storm.

Unless you’ve been living entirely off the grid, you’ve likely heard of FDA-approved weight loss medications taking the country by storm. Whether you’re familiar with how GPL-1 medications work or you’re simply curious about learning more, the simple fact is that losing pounds is more science-based than we thought. 

In fact, the myth of weight as 100% dependent on calories in versus calories out isn’t exactly the truth. Of course, there’s some legitimacy to this on the surface: If you bring in more calories than you burn, you gain weight, and if you burn more than you bring in, you lose weight.

Still, if we take the above as an absolute, it means anyone who is overweight, or struggling with weight gain, doesn’t have the willpower, or isn’t trying hard enough — and that simply isn’t the full story. We now know that much of our weight is determined by something out of our control, specifically our biological makeup of genetics and hormones.

The result is that one person might burn more calories than another even at rest, or respond to cravings differently. Among these and other factors, our unique hormonal cocktail makes us all different. Whether your cocktail is a skinny margarita or a mudslide, GLP-1 medications, like Semaglutide or Tirzepatide change three critical ingredients that help you lose weight. 

GLP-1 medications for Weight Loss 

Remove reliance on willpower

GLP-1 medications talk to the part of your brain in charge of feeling full and help convince it to get there quicker. In other words, the medication changes the set weight in your brain; if your brain says you need to maintain 200 lbs, with the help of GLP-1, it will shift your ideal weight to 150 lbs. 

Help you feel satiated sooner and longer

GLP-1 medications literally slow down how quickly your stomach empties, allowing you to feel full longer. Think of it as a chemical gastric bypass, a great couples therapist or a personal trainer for your brain! The medication helps your brain communicate to your body that it’s full, faster and for a longer period of time.

Change the way your body metabolizes sugars and carbs for weight loss

Since GPL-1 medications were initially approved for Type 2 diabetes, they make your body more sensitive to insulin —the hormone of fat. Less insulin present allows your body to release fat easier. (and who doesn’t want that?!)

GLP-1 medications are leveling the playing field and making the battle of the bulge a fair fight, no matter what your history or hormones look like. 

If you are ready to put the real science behind weight loss, Skin MD providers are here to help. Our very own Chief Medical Director of Skin MD, Dr. Flashner, oversees the program and with his degree in clinical nutrition and experience running the Boston University Weight Loss Clinic, you can trust you’re in good hands. With a once-weekly shot that mimics your body’s natural hormones, you can achieve losing up to 15% of your body weight within the first year.

Don’t over complicate your struggle with weight loss — it’s literally science. Come see for yourself: (844) 754-6631.

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