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<strong>Two Treatments That Are Scary-Good</strong>

Two Treatments That Are Scary-Good

Experience our scary-good his and hers treatments: GAINSWave and BioTe hormone replacement. Schedule in the greater Boston area.

When it comes to wellness, there’s a lot of conflicting, confounding, and misconstrued information out there. With Halloween just around the corner, we’re giving you the tips for a year filled with all treats and no tricks. 

Forget a couples costume: Level up with our two favorite his and hers wellness treatments that will help you and yours feel scary-good

His: Treat Erectile Dysfunction With GAINSWave

Picture this: You’re getting intimate with your partner — for the first time or the hundredth — and things aren’t going as planned down there, bringing the moment to a screeching halt. 

It’s a true horror story that millions of men can relate to, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Forget the medication and opt for the safe, non-invasive procedure that targets the root cause of ED. Using low-intensity shock waves (surprisingly not painful), the procedure is more powerful than the bottle of blue pills.

GAINSWave works by breaking up plaque in the blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow, and signaling for new blood vessels to form for stronger and longer erections that last long-term. The procedure also activates the growth of new nerve tissue for a heightened experience that will have you feeling like the man of your youth. 

The treatment works in six to twelve sessions that each take only 20 minutes, meaning the best time to start is now. GAINSWave takes wellness seriously in a multitude of arenas, if you catch our drift: don’t let fear keep you from improving performance.

Skin MD’s GAINSWave practitioner is Joey Simione, who is known to his patients as a super laid back, easy-to-communicate with ‘guys guy’. During your initial in-person consultation with Joey at any of our 7 locations, he will answer specific questions and map out a personalized treatment plan in a comfortable and discreet environment. 

Hers: Restore Hormone Harmony With BioTe

It’s not all about him. (Although BioTe can also be customized for men too!) 

As people age, their hormones decrease. Starting as early as our twenties, things start to shift, leading to an imbalance. With women in particular, once they hit perimenopause and beyond, that delicate balance is called into question. This imbalance can lead to anxiety, depression, lack of sex drive, and even decreased bone density — turning every season into a spooky season. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women restores this balance for bodily harmony through customized pellets that are tailored to the individual body’s exact needs using real hormones, not synthetic ones. Because the body already recognizes the hormones, it is more receptive to them and less likely to reject them. 

BioTe goes after the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. The pellet (the size of a grain of rice) is placed under the skin and contains the exact cocktail of compounded hormones needed to stabilize the body: this means estrogen, testosterone, and everything in between. 

Within 4-6 weeks of insertion, the bioidentical hormones begin to take effect, treating not one but all symptoms associated with the imbalance. 

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Don’t let your regrets haunt you. If you’re in need of a wellness boost, this is the sign you’ve been looking for. See if GAINSWave or BioTe is right for you. Give us a call: (844) SKINMD1.

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