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10 Reasons to Choose Ultherapy Over a Traditional Facelift

10 Reasons to Choose Ultherapy Over a Traditional Facelift

As much as beauty standards vary from person to person, wanting to look youthful and invigorated is as universal as it gets.

As much as beauty standards vary from person to person, wanting to look youthful and invigorated is as universal as it gets. We all want to look like we’re energized and ready to take on the world. Does it take surgery to make that happen?

Thanks to modern technology, not anymore. While there are thousands of people every year who have facelifts and love their results, there are also ways to look revitalized without going under the knife.

One key option is Ultherapy: a treatment that uses ultrasound technology to stimulate your body to create more skin-firming collagen. If you’re weighing Ultherapy against a facelift, consider these advantages to non-invasive Ultherapy.

1. No Intimidating Surgery

Unless you’re the ultimate master of zen and meditation, surgery comes with stress. Surgeons often use general anesthesia for facelifts, and that comes with risks that make anyone nervous. Even facelifts with local anesthesia are stressful.

Ultherapy is non-surgical, so you can forget that pre-surgery anxiety. Your treatment happens in a medically-prepped yet comfortable room, not an intimidating operating room.

2. Keeping Up with Your Schedule

Surgery is time-consuming. On top of preparing with pre-surgery exams, bloodwork, and health regimens, the surgery takes hours. Then you have days to weeks of recovery time before you can get back to work and other daily activities.

That isn’t the case with Ultherapy. There’s no pre-treatment prep and no downtime after the procedure. You may have some bruising and redness, but it’s nothing compared to the post-surgical look that prevents most people from going in public for weeks.

3. Natural-Looking Results

We’ve all seen people who have had a facelift and come out looking like they’re always surprised or in a wind tunnel. They might look younger but they don’t look as natural or attractive as they’d hoped.

Sure, some surgeons are better at achieving natural facelift results than others, but it’s always a gamble. You don’t have that problem with Ultherapy. You may be able to shave just as many years off your appearance but in a more natural-looking way.

4. No Scarring

It doesn’t matter how great a surgeon is: facelift surgery always comes with a scar. That’s how the human body works, even though some scars are less noticeable than others.

With Ultherapy, you’ll have no scar because there’s no incision. In fact, Ultherapy is entirely non-invasive.

If you aren’t familiar with the lingo, non-invasive means the treatment doesn’t break the skin. No incisions, no needles, no nothing.

5. More Natural Process

There’s been a social movement over the past decade or so toward more natural products and habits for your body. We’re all for it, and that’s another advantage Ultherapy has.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to send targeted warmth into the deeper layers of your skin. This activates your natural healing process: your body produces more collagen to firm and rebuild your skin.

In other words, Ultherapy works by simply activating the natural processes your body already has in place. It works with your body, not against it.

6. More Economical Facial Rejuvenation

We all think we can’t put a price on happiness until we see the total costs of a facelift. When you see prices advertised, you’re usually only seeing the surgeon’s fee. The anesthesia fees and operating fees add thousands, plus your medications and any help you need during your recovery.

Ultherapy is far more economical because it skips several of those added expenses. The savings really add up when you remember that facelifts don’t last forever either, and most people need a fresh surgery every ten years or so.

7. No Surgical Risks

Surgery comes with inherent risks every time, and that includes facelifts and other cosmetic surgeries. Life-threatening complications are rare, but the risk is always present.

With a facelift, you have risks that come with general anesthesia which can be hard on your body. The incisions also bring the risk for infection and poor healing.

Ultherapy is a different story. As a non-surgical treatment, it avoids all those surgical risks.

That isn’t to say Ultherapy is risk-free because no cosmetic treatment is risk-free. However, the potential side effects of Ultherapy are temporary and mild, like swelling, discomfort, and bruising. Compared to facelift surgery, that’s a cakewalk.

8. Incremental Improvements

Not everyone wants to announce their cosmetic treatments to the world. When a person disappears for two weeks and then reappears looking decades younger after they’ve recovered from their facelift, it’s hard not to get questions.

That’s the beauty of Ultherapy. Because the treatment stimulates your natural healing process, your results will improve little by little for up to nine months. It’s easy to keep your “work” to yourself because there’s no overnight change or period of hiding while you recover.

9. Easy Customizability

Ultherapy is full of ways your provider can customize the treatment to your needs. They can adjust the equipment’s settings, treatment time, focus areas, number of treatments, and so on.

In theory, facelift surgeons can and should customize your results too. However, not all surgeons do this well. They may have a standard routine they go through during a facelift without considering which areas you want to focus on more.

In addition, during a facelift under general anesthesia, you aren’t awake to remind your surgeon of your priorities and problem areas. During your Ultherapy treatment, you can give your provider feedback about which areas you want to emphasize.

10. Easy Maintenance

No matter how you reduce signs of aging, nothing can freeze your face in time and prevent future aging. With a facelift, what happens when the results fade and you need a touch-up? You need another surgery.

Ultherapy offers simpler, more predictable maintenance. Most often we recommend a maintenance treatment once per year. It will depend on your natural aging process and other factors, though.

Making a Younger Look Easier with Ultherapy

Who says looking younger has to be an exercise in suffering and sacrifice? Ultherapy can deliver exceptional rejuvenating results without the extensive recovery time, scarring, risks, and costs of facelift surgery.

To find out more about Ultherapy, schedule a consultation with our team today.

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