6 Tips For CoolSculpting Aftercare


September 1, 2020

CoolSculpting aftercare is essential in maintaining the results from your amazing treatment.

With this, following the tips below are super helpful for your aftercare and will keep you maintaining those great results!

1. Find a Fun Exercise

Maintaining your body can be difficult, but not impossible! Exercising regularly can boost your metabolism. It can also increase your lean body mass, which can increase the number of calories you burn while resting.

It’s important to choose an exercise that you find enjoyable, or you’ll find yourself putting off your daily fitness routine. Go for a walk outside, jog, or take a yoga class with friends. Make it something you look forward to so you won’t be afraid to go for it.

2. Drink More Water

Water is a great way to replace sugary beverages. It can keep you hydrated and speed up your metabolism.

Drinking a glass of water before meals can help reduce your appetite.

3. Sleep Well

A lack of proper sleep can slow down your metabolism. It can also increase the production of chemicals like cortisol and insulin your body. These can increase fat storage.

4. Improved Diet

Fiber can help you feel fuller longer, so you’ll be less tempted to eat too much when you’re hungry. It also feeds your gut helpful bacteria that can help with weight management and blood sugar control.

Instead of sugar, try getting your bod some high-fiber foods for breakfast. These may include apples, pears, and oats

5. Stress Less

Chronic stress can lead to an increase in stress hormones in your body. This can cause increased hunger more often and can lead to weight gain.

Consider stress-reducing techniques such as yoga, journaling, or just laughing with friends.

6. Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast can help to reduce your hunger in the morning and keep you losing weight throughout the day. It can also help you reduce physical activity.

Stick with low-fat, fiber-rich options throughout your day. A little fruit is always a great way to start your morning.


The aftercare of your CoolSculpting treatment is essential to your results. Following the tips above will help you maintain and have you even more ready for your next treatment!

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