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Jessica Mooney

Assistant Patient Coordinator Boston

With a decade of experience in leading a prestigious day spa in the Boston area, Jessica focuses on empowering her patients to have an active part of their own success of achieving their goals.

Jessica links success to understanding that patient concerns will change over time and, “While the process may change as patient concerns do (which is completely normal), we are here to adapt and make it work every step of the journey”.

She understands that vulnerability and success are two key components in the medical spa industry. Step one is creating a safe space to listen. Step two is to set up a treatment plan (which can be reassessed as needed) but ensures seamless communication every step of the journey.

“It’s all connected” is Jessica’s mantra and she takes this into all aspects of her life. Outside of work she can be found adventuring with her dog Finnegan, writing to digest experiences and spending time with those she loves.



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