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Christie Brinkley

We all could use a little lift these days. There is no doubt that the combined stresses of the daily grind has taken a toll on many of us out there. And it shows in our faces. Those furrowed brows over bills, those parentheses (that should only be allowed around clauses-and on paper!), your mom’s gift of a double helping right at the bottom of your face? Well, chin up, America!! If stress, genetics or even good old gravity through aging has got you down, there is a treatment proven to help lift your spirits!

We asked Dr. Paul Flashner, Board Certified plastic surgeon, Youth Guru panelist on Real Self, owner and operator of the famous Skin MD group, AND a recent recipient of Ultherapy treatments himself to give us a backstage pass on all the insider info. Read on to be wowed!

Dr. Flashner, thank you for letting us ask you a few questions. It seems a little too good to be true! Could you please shed some light on Ultherapy for your dedicated followers here on ”The Skinny?” Ultherapy is definitely growing in popularity, and social media is all abuzz about it, but how does it work?

In a nutshell, Ultherapy is your new best friend. More specifically, though, it is a non-invasive facelift that even eternal supermodel Christie Brinkley has publicly raved about. (Of course, I have, too — just somehow, everyone seems to listen to the supermodel first!) The best use for ultrasound technology since fetal monitoring, Ultherapy directs these ”sonic waves of magic” straight to the site of choice without disrupting the surface of the skin at all.

A unique benefit of this amazing technology, though, is how it initiates a renewal within the deep tissue of the treatment area, igniting your sleeping collagen and making younger and tighter skin appear continually over time. No one will ever ask what you had done because the effect is constant but gradual. They’ll just think it’s love! And guess what? It will even be true! It will be a newly regenerated love of your mirror’s reflection smiling back, and the main reason I chose this specialty in the first place- was helping people bring about a whole new love of themselves.

Can you tell us what areas of the face Ultherapy can be used for?
The most dramatic results are typically revealed in the lower parts of the face — in the dreaded jowl (ugh-who coined that word?) and chin region, — but it is FDA-approved to be used anywhere on the neck, chest, brow, and cheeks. Having undergone the treatment myself, I would say that my results followed the average.

My jawline and neck showed the most improvements. (Stay tuned for before and after pics!) Please understand though, why it’s so important to be informed and aware in choosing the right practitioner to administer this particular treatment. Any technician or doctor saying they he or she can use Ultherapy on any other area than those listed above means that they are is willing to experiment. You definitely shouldn’t be! It is amazing technology and, when used correctly, produces miraculous results. But beware of those who will try to abuse its power.

Is EVERYONE A Candidate for Ultherapy?
Unfortunately, no. Not every client looking for a lift can undergo this treatment. There are certain conditions I would never allow my staff to perform this technique on. We evaluate on a case -by-case basis, of course. So this is not an all-inclusive answer, but, generally, the following conditions will not get a green light. Patients who:
– Have epilepsy or are seizure-prone
– Wear a pacemaker
– Have had breast implants (just chest area would be affected in these cases – other areas of the face can be treated)
– Have Bells palsy
– Have mechanical implants
– Are nursing or pregnant

Please tell us about your own experience during treatment: How long does a session take? Is there a great amount of pain involved?
It all depends on the treatment area and your individual treatment plan. A face and neck procedure typically takes 60-90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. I did a nice hour-and-one-half lunch break, and I have a pretty low pain tolerance, (especially for a doctor!). But mostly, it was an almost relaxing experience. I felt a slight buzzing sensation with some heat. This only went on while the ultrasound energy was delivered. After the treatment, there were no symptoms beyond mild tenderness. I went right back to work.

We are all are greatly appreciating your candid answers, Dr. Flashner. Now let’s get down to business. How much is the average cost of an Ultherapy session?
I am always happy to give honest answers to those who want to be informed about all the options in youth and skin rejuvenation treatments that abound in this field. I have to say though; it always surprises me when an intelligent client come crying to me after a ”bargain” practitioner has been heavy-handed or overzealous with their face. Why are you looking to bargain with your face? With that being said, I do understand that not everyone is the boss of their own facility, enabling the benefits of free services. That’s why all my centers have a Care Credit option, for those who would prefer making payments instead of a lump sum.

And I am not avoiding the ”how much” part of your question. It is just so dependent on such specific individual factors. There is no “one size fits all” treatment plan. But I can tell you the typical Ultherapy cost for the most requested area, which is the lower face region, would be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. I never charge for consultations, as I want my clients to be fully aware of all the factors before they decide on any treatment.

Thank you so much, Dr. Flashner! Ultherapy sounds like a great choice for a lot of us who need a “pick me up”! Any final thoughts?
Yes! Ultherapy is truly living up to its “wave of the future” reputation! And I want to thank YOU for giving me the chance to get the word out and talk about my own personal experience with it. It’s an incomparable feeling to look forward to seeing new improvements in the mirror every day, instead of dreading the opposite. Everything I always wanted to accomplish in this personal career choice, helping people love how they look and bringing vitality to their outlook on life, gives me great pride and pleasure. I am so happy to share my renewed energy with my patients. Look at my studly after pictures — I would love to give that glow to any patient who wants to embrace life like I do!



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