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Ride the Wave of Ultherapy

We all could use a little lift these days. There is no doubt that the combined stresses of the daily grind has taken a toll on many of us out there. And it shows in our faces. Those furrowed brows over bills, those parentheses (that should only be allowed around clauses-and on paper!), your mom’s gift of a double helping right at the bottom of your face? Well, chin up, America!! If stress, genetics or even good old gravity through aging has got you down, there is a treatment proven to help lift your spirits!

We asked Dr. Paul Flashner, Board …Read More

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

The hottest haute couture gown. The 5 hour researched and then applied YouTube contouring video, and washed off, then reapplied. And those Louboutins, damn! Don’t forget those! After all that, somehow it still doesn’t work. But why? Because underneath it all is the skin you’re in.

If you’ve ever suffered from acne, sun damage, or just regular stress-encouraged gravity (going down, anyone?) no matter what you do you can’t look hot if your skin is just, well—NOT! Don’t live with it. FIX IT! Through the discovery of laser technology and years of trials and perfected procedures, total skin renewal is actually …Read More

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