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Hair is the Thing

Hair is the Thing

Skin MD Hair Restoration and Laser Hair Removal It’s growing annoyingly quickly in some (embarrassing!) places and playing some not fun game of hide-and-seek in others.

Skin MD Hair Restoration and Laser Hair Removal

It’s growing annoyingly quickly in some (embarrassing!) places and playing some not fun game of hide-and-seek in others. It’s your hair. And it’s not a billion-dollar industry for no reason!

Think you’re the only one who’s asking some version of, “where has that luxurious mane of lustrous, face-framing waves gone?” Thinning hair and hair loss is just one of those issues the older generation accepts. The comb-over-Trump-style, strategic hat placements, and just plain shaving it clean off are methods of your mom and dad’s days- not yours!

Of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, those areas we’d rather be smooth and hairless, just seem to be needing salon appointments more often! Time-consuming and painful, conventional hair removal solutions are not permanent. However, my friend, fear not- the advance of laser technology can get rid of it forever!

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and quite possibly you’ve thought it’s either too costly or painful to consider. But, think of all the money and anxiety you extend to this problem. Amaze yourself with these recent figures. The average American Woman spends $413 a month on hair and hair removal services, while men will spend $132. The typical male will not own up to the truth in this particular survey so leave a little wiggle room for error!

There are permanent, more aesthetically pleasing methods in your reach to completely eradicate these—at best—annoying and often downright depressing issues. Hair in the wrong spots can be zapped- for good. And, no one wants to frame their face with wispy whispers of…nothing, right?

Laser Hair Removal- Get Rid of It For Good!

Welcome to the world of permanent hair removal! Dual wavelength lasers allow for the precision and safety of getting to the hair root. The root, or follicle, kills off permanently, without affecting the skin’s surface in any way. Also, larger areas of the body, like the back, can become hairless with this amazing advancement. Most individuals will require a series of treatments over time which will result in the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Because it is FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction, laser hair removal is a safe, smooth option. You should consider Boston laser hair removal if you have unwanted facial or body hair that:

  • Makes you feel self-conscious
  • Limits your ability to wear certain clothing
  • Has you constantly busy with waxing, shaving and other avenues of pain

Even the old trend that’s new again—threading, all belong where they began. They’ve already served their purpose in the medieval torture chambers of history! So, what will you do with all your freed up time? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Hair Restoration – Is Your Confidence Wearing Thin?

Isn’t it beyond upsetting to see it on the brush and not where it belongs? The most exclusive hair restoration in Boston is a layered process. While it encourages hair growth, the treatment strengthens the hair you still have. The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) placement, together with a revolutionary stem cell culture stimulates the scalp to encourage the dormant hair follicles to open up.

PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment that only recently has become available. Firstly, a client’s blood is drawn and processed so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain. Then, this mixture is injected into the scalp. Due to the PRP essential proteins, this incredible treatment stimulates natural hair growth.

Finally, the last step is a low-level laser that strengthens the existing hair. The laser makes any existing hair thicker, stronger, and more voluminous.

Life is full of stress that affects our outlook, and our looks! With so many advances in laser technology, your hair issues do not have to undermine your self-confidence. There is absolutely no reason to suffer through embarrassment. Zap it all back in time- you’ll thank us for it! Take a look at our other blogs about hair to get more information.

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